Not This Time

[kkstarratings]She was broken before and now she’s tired. She gave up to the memories she used to remember, to the moments she used to have with you, to the littlest sweetest thing that you said to her. She should’ve done it earlier before you hurt her more. Does it feel good to have someone who […]

Shot in the dark

Right or wrong couldn’t be determined If there’s no such evidence Day by day thoughts been intertwined Somehow it could be nonsense But sometimes mind couldn’t been controlled Then heart bursts into flame And the negative thoughts conquered No one to blame Please make it right if it’s wrong Not to accuse, just surmise Those […]

Tolong Putarkan Masa!

Tolong Putarkan Masa! Telah singkat mentari daya, Telah singkap rembulan upaya, Telah kerlip bintangan harap, Telah terangkat pena-pena, Telah terbentang suratan-suratan, Aku percaya pada diri; aku boleh! Sawang malam membelenggu akal, Dungu aku menunggu cerah, Potret subuh menjadi tugu sembah;     pecah bersepah di gurun realiti, Lukalah jemariku beralir darah;     berhambur merahlah bah fantasi, […]

Come Back Alive

It was a sunny morning. I kept looking towards the sea. Folding my arms around. A thought suddenly crossed in my mind. Smiled. “What do you think when I’m no longer beside you?” He asked. “Trying to get along with it and move on! Yeah for sure.” I was just mumbling without ever thinking it […]

I wonder

Time is something that you can predict, unlike the future of yours which is an unpredictable event but somehow we can relate these two elements in life. We need time to move forward, ever wonder what if the time suddenly stop? Well, I don’t because if the time stops then I won’t even have any seconds […]

Reason, Season, or Lifetime.

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed, they have come to assist you […]


#51 kelakar, bila kau kena bertalam dua muka kelakar, bila kau kena berpura-pura kelakar, bila kau sebenarnya dah tahu perkara sebenar, kelakar, mereka sangka kau tak tahu apa-apa kelakar, lagak umpama pelakon kelas bawahan dan paling kelakar, mereka tetap bermain drama sudahlah, aku penat dan malas dengan semua ini. Pin 1

For You

In the dead of the night , When you’re far from my sight I have always wanted to be that man Who carve the smile on your face again and again. Every time I look at the moon , I feel like I could see your eyes shines Brighter than a polished spoon Reminding me […]

Emotions having their own emotions

A quick gush, feels like shit. Have you ever been pushed down so low that you bursts. Have you ever felt so low that falling asleep forever keeps u at peace. I did. I have been feeling like that for days, I tried getting a good sleep. I tried occupying myself with hobbies. I tried […]

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