Everything is red Her heart, her blood, her lips   Everything is blue Her eyes, her dreams, her jeans   The colors of you Spilling like an overflowing ink But there is you, standing like a masterpiece   And now I’m covered in the colors of you   \\ halsey – colors Pin 0

The Truth is //

The truth is .. I would always try to avoid from feeling terrified that I might be falling for someone else, because for me, being loyal at its best and as long as we both didn’t give up on each other, just keep going. I want to love someone because of their unique characteristics, their […]

More Than That.

Sometimes, you will have a couple of good days, and then it hits you, everything. It hurts to talk, to love, to be. Existing is so difficult at times but no one wants to hear that. No one wants to know about the days you spend crying or curled up in a corner somewhere or […]

5 in the morning.

Every 5am in the morning, you called me.  You patiently waited for me until I’m fully awake. The sound of you inhaling your ciggs and puff the smoke away, You being a smarty pants and notice little things about me even we were just talking on the broken line, The sound of your laughter and […]

Engkau (2)

Engkau Kenapa begitu sukar untuk aku melupakan Kehadiran kau tidak diundang Tapi kehadiran kau meninggalkan kesan Yang tidak mungkin akan hilang Walau berkali-kali aku cuba abaikan   Engkau Jujur aku inginkan engkau Aku ingin kita seperti dahulu Tapi aku tahu semuanya tak kan terjadi Melainkan atas kebenaran Ilahi Membenarkan kita bersama di dunia ini   […]


I wish I knew sooner that this would happen. I’d turn back the clock and find you sooner, so that I could love you longer. Love you without making any mistakes. Love you with no regrets and no words left unspoken. You’re probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I thank God […]


I wonder all your promises are meant to be broken. I’ll admit that my heart has shattered into pieces and no one can heal it. I am full of angry and hatred towards you. you blame me and said that i’m a overly attached person. I thought you have learn and changed to a better […]


Tonight, I’ve discovered that you’ve unfollowed me on Twitter. Tonight, I’ve discovered that you really want to get rid of me from your life. Tonight, I’ve discovered that all this while I’m just a pathetic girl who can’t move on from her past. Tonight, I’ve discovered that you really love her. Tonight, I’ve discovered there […]


I knew a dreamer spread hope to the hopeless loved those who yearned who believed when others do not but not in herself (sadly so)   I knew a dreamer blinded eyes with her smile warmed hearts where souls found home but a little broken she was (unfortunately so)   I knew a dreamer cared […]

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