Metallic and Crimson

His breath hitched. The alleyway was contrastingly silent, droplets of water echoed throughout the narrow space. It smelled like iron, the smell was strong it left a metallic taste in his tongue. It felt cold here, colder than the air of the weather. He didn’t even dare to breathe, afraid the sound of his exhale […]


On the bed, I lied down. Not because I want to but that is the only thing I can do for now. My knees, they’re probably just as tired as the rest of my body. Pain, physical or emotional, is something that I deal with everyday. Some days, I’m more than willing to keep moving, […]

Best friend?

“Does it always hurt?” I stopped massaging my wrist and looked towards the guy who threw the question. A small smile crept onto my face as I heard the concern laced in his honey-like voice. “It does but I’m used to it, so you don’t have to worry much, Kook.” “How can I not be […]


Why when you decided to leave me that I started to look for you? Why when I wanted to be with you again you decided to not look for me anymore? Why these kind of things happen to us? Why we can’t just be together from the beginning?   I wish you would ask me […]

Just one day

Just one day I found you date anyone else Showing your love to her Like an incessant flowing of waterway Flooded with her affection too And your face filled with ecstasy Your smile potrays the sparkle of diamond Pleasure shimmering in your eyes Such a gleaming lantern in the dark Just one day This feeling […]


Kudongak dan lihat, Langit gelap menghalau anak betara membuka langkah takut akan guruh dan petir bermain nyawa, Tangisan badai mula menitis deras membawa risau kepada pemijak dunia, Ganasnya dunia sehingga membuatku tertanya-tanya mana yang paling bahaya antara semua, Dan kini aku tahu, Engkau yang bernyawa lebih bahaya dari segalanya, Pandanganmu, Senyumanmu, Personamu, Tawamu, Cukup membuatku rebah […]

It’s too much it became nothing.

I know this one girl, She smiles a lot because if she don’t she would come across as unfriendly. That’s why she tend to smile a lot. She would smile brightly until it hurts her cheek but sometimes her smile doesn’t exactly reach her ears. Nevertheless she still smile. She likes to talk because that […]

Forever A Problem.

” Dahla, okbye “ ” Okey bye “ She is a problem. She is forever a problem. If she said no, its probably yes. If she said yes, its probably no. If you hurt her, she cried. If she hurts you, she cried. She cant be understood. Doesnt matter how a good writer could be. […]


Tonight When you are not here My life turn upside down Everything is outside the drawer No one But me who have to clean up the mess Tonight When you are not here I’m whispering your name out loud from the inside I hope you can listen to it And you will fill the emptiness […]


I miss you. I miss the way you treated me I miss hearing your voice I miss hearing you laugh I miss seeing your smile I miss the random calls from you I miss us the random facetimes I miss the way you treat me I miss the way you hold me I miss the […]

Yes You Can!

Dont be a woman who needs someone to help her stand on her own feet. but be a woman that helps herself. Look, who says you need a man to help you stand? You can be on your own, life is getting tough day by day, you cant always depend on others, try to stand […]


the world is a scary place to live in. it contains scary living beings, doing scary things. and they’re going to go through scary tests ; scary tests that are going to tell where will they belong in the afterlife. either in the heavenly heaven or the hellish hell.   the world is truly a […]

Stranger, Broken, Afraid, Unwelcome

Sometimes you’d come into my room and look at my walls and say “You tau tak ape orang cakap kalau suka conteng-conteng benda ni? *pointing at my head* You tak betul.” But have you ever spared a thought beyond that sentiment? That the words spewed by you and the cold hands that beat me when […]

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