Fall again

#52 Oh no, I think I’m in love again. Oh no, I’m in love with a wrong person. Oh no, I am a sinner Oh no, How to stop this. I’m the one who started it first. Oh no, I’m totally dead. Oh no, I definitely, have fall again. Pin 1

#13 – BrokenGirl

I don’t understand about people. Sometimes. It is quite complicated ya know. You don’t love her but you keep telling your stories with her to other bitches. Why ? I don’t understand. You were that person who asked her to go. To get out from your life. Don’t you pity her ? After giving all […]

#12 – Freedom

I do feel I’m still trap in a prison. I don’t know how to set myself free. The memories of the past still fresh in my mind. Nightmares always here hunted me alone in darkness. I don’t know how to express these feelings in words. I really hope I will find someone who deeply understands […]


My reality, is where my minds sets it to be. But, What good is fantasy, If, It always brought me back to ‘a you and me’. Where, We were never happy. When, We were never meant to be. Pin 0

Sweet little promise between us

Hey, still remember the last thing i told you? “I’m gonna wait for you right there with a bouquet of flower called The I-L-Y Ensemble. The one red roses full bloom with baby breath’s in a bouquet, wrap with white organza and pink ribbon. Add on with the most sweet smile of mine waiting to […]

I hate me

Here I am at the middle of a dull night.┬áListening to random songs on my playlist Random yet nostalgic songs.┬áNot actually nostalgic None of these songs I’m listening have actual relation with me nor him But still these songs remind me of you, every lyrics of these songs As I said, these songs have no […]

The drug in the girl’s life

“They said, forgive and forget A”. “They said, move on A”. i can forgive but how could i forgot? How could i forgot when you acts as the strongest drug i’d ever met. I am addicted towards you like a drug consumer. For every seconds,minutes,hours oh gosh i cant stop it. Later on i got […]


I want to know Was it right for me To grin at Whatsapp messages That you replied And think How amazing a person could be Was it right for me To feel happy Every single time Your name popped out On my cellphone’s screen Reminding you’ve liked my photos Was it still right for me […]


If i hold the power to control time i would take the spirit and joy i had and place it into my present heart If i were to write the book about us, I will write every possible happy endings we deserved or so we think we deserved But this isnt my favourite 80s movies, […]


the fact that i can’t predict the future never fails to hurt my head it’s true that life’s unpredictable I don’t know what’s going to happen to me in 10 years or even tomorrow I could be one of those influencial people I could be the richest person in the world I could be one […]

Writing’s On The Wall

Writing’s On The Wall Kuyup telah sinar sang ma-ta-ha-ri, Basah aku dalam angau, Tadi aku camar putih, Gah menerjah sa-mu-de-ra luas, Kininya layang-layang kertas rabak, ditarik rajutnya timur barat, Pastinya aku yang buta, ‘coz the writing’s on the wall. Sisa rakus raksasa Damaskus, Dijarah pergolakan berdarah Arakan, It’s the writing on the wall ! Tujuh […]

Of Love & Bites

I was 10. I lived a perfectly normal life as a young girl. I had a normal family. My father was capable of providing food on the table for my family and could still spend some time to talk with me and my adorable but annoying little brother. My stay-at-home mother tucked us into bed […]

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