It’s her birthday

It’s her birthday She wonders if he remembers what she asked for her birthday before he walked away from her It’s her birthday She wonders if he even remembers today is her birthday It’s her birthday She hopes he’s thinking about her like how she never stops thinking about him It’s her birthday She hopes […]

912 days of you

2016 was honestly a year full of surprises for me. I found out that i actually have a heart & i wasn’t gay (2016 jokes, sorry).So i’m just gonna get into this. So basically, I liked this person probably since 2014 but i fell in love with this person, specifically in the year of 2016. […]

One Way Only.

They say “I love you” can’t be trusted. Nowadays, being with someone for a long time also does not guarantee loyalty. For my case, it wasn’t cheating, it wasn’t betraying, it felt like a curse. I was cold. I built a wall made of heavy bricks, a barrier greater than The Great Wall of China […]

bucket list

#61 Small bucketlist a.k.a resolution for this year 2017. will try to force myself to accomplish it. 1) Stay fit, normal BMI- 23 2) Sweet getaway with beloved one- Penang 3) Rope swing at KKb, maybe ?? 4) Gunung Irau, Gunung Nuang hike 5) Stable financial- few months extra salary in bank 6) Buy something special […]


#60 Dengan kau, aku jadi pelupa Kau buat aku lupa Lupa hari ni hari apa Lupa tarikh hari ni Lupa yang aku dah lambat nak pergi kerja Lupa baju dalam mesin basuh belum jemur Lupa air pili tadahan belum tutup Lupa kucing kesayangan belum diberi makan Lupa perut aku kosong belum terisi Lupa lampu kereta […]

I Am A Dreamer

I am a dreamer, The dreamers always lie, In the morning; they lie, In the noon; they lie, In the evening; they lie When they dream; they lie, When they wake up; they lie A dreamer I am, Lying while lying, On a bed of dreams, That filled the night, About the dreams I had, […]

Jangan seksa diri sendiri.

“Sebenarnya, tak perlu pun kita berubah semata-mata nak “masuk” dengan keadaan keliling terutamanya sebab manusia. Kalau mereka boleh terima kita seadanya, mereka takkan ambil kisah pun siapa dan macam mana diri kita sebenarnya. They would sincerely accept us the way we are” (Anonymous, 2017) Pin 4

She Lost The Battle

Three weeks have passed. I do think a lot about you, most of the time. Sometimes my mind flashed through the moment you were in ICU. The moment when dad said to me, “Dik, peganglah tangan kakak. Nanti adik dah tak dapat nak pegang lagi.” That’s the moment when I didn’t believe what he said […]


So i got different types of moods. Sometimes i just wander around and watches people living their life, and think, ‘isnt it amazing that every person got their own problems and still struggling and living for tomorrow’ and sometimes i feel like, this world sucks. How can people live in it with sooooo many unsolved […]

One, for you

Hey there. It’s been a very long time, which I’m sure you’re aware of. I’d like to say it was your decision alone to keep this distance, but I think we both know it was for the best. I’d like to say that I’m glad you are well, but as we both know I have […]

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