The Thing With Girls

Here’s the thing with girls, They look at petty things like they’re big, Like when their hair looks bad when it’s actually not, Here’s the thing with girls, They think too much on certain matters, Like when a boy smiles at them,  Are they flirting or are they friendly? Here’s the thing with girls, They […]

There Are No Imperfections

  Qayzr   My friends, what is perfection? Maybe as a little kid we have been drawn to this idea that perfection is getting the best grades, marry the most charming prince, having the biggest house, and all the other grand things life has to offer. Basically, perfection is 10 out of 10. I say […]

Star Crossed Lovers

This is the last story in the Kai and Nabilah series – Nabilah Nabilah Nabilah tried her best to look away as Kai and the new girl walked by. The way the girl clung on to Kai’s arm for dear life made Nabilah feel ill. It also made her feel like she wanted to cry. […]

Tonight I Silently Weep

Tonight I silently weep,My tears revealing the longing that I keep,An hour passes – maybe two,But my thoughts don’t stray far from you. I miss your voice in my ear,Whispering things only for me to hear,My cheek you caress with gentle hand,Our whole life ahead of us like we planned. I weep – for you […]

Letting go

Indissent “I’m just very afraid of losing you forever.” she said with the most frightened voice I’ve ever heard in my life. Her voice. Even without seeing her, you could tell her lips were just shaking. Trembling. With everything else in this world, all she wants now is just for this boy to say “yes, […]

Flirts Anonymous 2.0

Nabilah “Hi everyone, welcome to Flirts Anonymous.” A mumble of greetings echo around the room as twelve people sit around in a circle. “We have a new member joining us today. Kai?” Kai looks up from the floor, and takes a general look around the room. “Hi, my name is Kai.” he says with a […]

From The Awe-ful Editor’s Keyboard

AwefullyWritten is going through some changes, again! Well we recently set up a Facebook page because we were afraid that if we waited too long, someone else might snatch the name ‘AwefullyWritten’. So guys, please do like us on Facebook and we promise to update the page more with updates 🙂 We’re trying to get […]

Benefit of The Doubt

Nabilah “He’s not a good guy lah Nabilah, I’m telling you.” The sound of Marissa’s voice resonated in Nabilah’s head as she sat across the courtyard and watched Kai. Kai, the most renowned narcissistic flirt known to Marissa’s faculty. Kai had a reputation of knowing the names of all the girls on campus, and the […]

Flirts Anonymous

Qayzr Not again. Not tonight. I told myself I wouldn’t set foot in this place again, not after getting my 6-months flirt-free pin. Ugh. “Really? I thought we settled your problem?” Sam said. He looked surprised. Did not see that coming. The night was cold but not particularly dark. They had upped the lighting so […]

The Killers

Santorini Semua orang nak cerita pasal Ex. Aku pun nak cerita jugak, nak lepas geram, sakit hati, dan yang paling penting, nak bagi diri aku aman dan tenang. Cara aku nak lepaskan benda yang dah lama aku patut lepas, macam lepaskan kentut. Legakan diri. Semua pasal The Killers. Semester 2 Hujan datang universiti aku. Aku […]


MOHD AFIQ BIN MAT RAZAIThe scarlet sky was fading. The sun began to hide itself behind the horizon. Sydney just walked and walked and walked until he reached a green rusty bench and sat himself upon the steel. He had enough. Another one of that mess, and he would move out from the house. Sydney […]

The Three Words

Danieln Rainmaker She laid there, lying in a pool of her own blood on the road. I looked, horrified by what I saw. I tried to take my eyes off her, yet I couldn’t ignore the lifeless body that was lying before me. Her listless eyes gazed towards the horizon, as if looking out for […]

Happy Merdeka Raya!

Sorry were a bit late on the festivities.Too much food, too little time to eat them all! But of course, it’s not all bout the food. Lets take time to reflect on how lucky we are to even have festivities.  Go out, call up your friends, have a good time and live life in appreciation […]

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