On your mark, get set,WRITE!

Artwork by: Nadia Rahim _uculer I have always love writing. Writing as in telling stories, I mean. Its my escapism, trying to break free from the monotonous, daily routine. I am able to dream or embody a totally different persona. I love writers (this is going to be creepy but I have a crush on […]

Day Nineteen

original post: http://theruzannapages.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/day-nineteen/ Note: We have produced this for the good writing and we have obtained necessary permission from the author to republish this post. Thank you, enjoy 🙂 Last night, #PrayForUiTMLendu and UiTM Lendu were trending, and for all the wrong reasons. First of all, I would like to clarify a few things in […]

Fikri dan Bilik Buku Teks

Tweets from Qayzr Selalunya bilamana bermulanya orientasi biasalah akan ada permainan antara senior dan junior.. Tapi malam tu, mereka ganas sedikit. Mereka tidak lagi mengurung dua, tiga orang dalam stor buku teks tu. Cuma satu. Malam tu, Fikri yang lemah menjadi mangsa. Fikri memang badan kecil tapi hatinya kuat sedikit. Fikri dihumban. Cuma ada dengannya […]

While one died, the other lived

They say, When two lovers meet, It’s fate. They also say, When true loves end, It’s tragic. Then, It was fate, That brought us together. And, It was tragic, How our love ended. Why, Won’t you bring me? To be right where you are. What, Has stopped you? From coming back to me. How, Could […]


Jengelot123 Aku baru selesai menangis dan aku mahu bercerita tentang kenapa aku menangis. YA, AKU PERLU. Ceritanya bermula — ah, sebenarnya cerita tiada mula atau akhir, kau tiba tiba baru sedar itu saja. Aku ketika itu, Di Rock The Youth anjuran Frinjan 2012. Baru pulang dari kelas malam dan terus terbang ke sana. Aku datang […]

Teaching Sarcasm

syiasyuha Ever find yourself in a situation where you just want the other person to just shut up but can’t really find the wit to come up with a good come back? Maybe this post could help, (future post is dependant on ratings) Here’s the dummy’s guide to sarcasm. · First, always let the person […]

Maya, 1

DarthVader “Im not a writer,” he said, although it was everything he had wished for. With trembling hands, he weakly reached for the small, delicate hands of whom he calls her daughter. “But you are. And you will make a change in this world, with your words that are a gifted talent. Do not put […]

Kamu yang bernama A

Siapa yang pernah kisah, pasal kita?Mereka bukan disini.Tapi, kadangkala aku juga merasa,aku juga bukan disini. Ini diri bukan soal cinta.Mungkin lebih selesa,kalau kita tidak bersama?kucar-kacir, hampa yang nyata. Kau, sayang, telalu tenang.Terlalu tenang untuk aku jangka;Terlalu indah untuk aku jaga.Aku minta maaf, diri sendiri merana. Aku bukan mahu lepas,kamu tahu bukan, cinta itu bebas?Cinta tidak […]


cikdeline “It feels like ages, literally.” It was as if it’s a simple thing for him saying things I’ve always had pictured him saying. Yes- was my reply in silence. “Look, I am trying here, not to make things that have been hanging between us become some disturbances or some sort anymore. We need to […]

Flat Life #1 – Midnight Knocking

QayzrIt was literally 10 days before my final exams. I was as usual stressing out because I finally realised that I have things to read. This story is not about me on the verge of going nuts, no. Not yet. That particular night around midnight I was on the computer when I heard loud knocking […]

Happy Examidays!

Hello people 🙂 It’s Qayyum and we just wanna wish you guys a happy end of the year! AwefullyWritten is a little bit slow coming towards the end of 2012 but worry not we’re just like a snail. Slow.. but.. uhmm.. soft? Okay nevermind, the point is we’re very grateful of the awesome support you […]

The Other Woman

SL I love my name – and the fact that I share the same name with a strong, beautiful and extraordinarily patient woman who was also the wife of Prophet Abraham makes me love it even more. Yes Hajar was an inspiration too, indeed she was. But often we forgot there’s another woman in the […]

Epic Syafiq

Qayzr Nama aku Syafiq. Aku bukan tak suka nama aku, OK je sebenarnya. Tapi kadang-kadang aku bosan juga. Setiap seorang di Malaysia ni mesti ada kenal sekurang-kurangnya satu orang Syafiq kalau ikut perangkaan aku. Variasi pun kurang, semua sama ada Syafiq, Shafiq… Itu je la. Safiq tu dia dah buat nama jadi penendang free-kick terbaik […]

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