They say love is sweet and dreamy. When two people fall in love they are against the world. They speak the nicest of things and wear the prettiest smile. That’s exactly what love do. It changes you to someone you never thought of becoming. It is only about you two. The whole universe is no […]


Apabila melihat Robert (Denzel Washington) membersihkan kasut New Balance kepunyaannya menggunakan berus gigi, lantas aku melihat cermin dan mengatakan kepada diri sendiri bahawa aku ingin menjadi seperti dia di dalam filem The Equalizer. Bekerja makan gaji seperti orang-orang kebanyakan, membaca buku-buku berilmiah, berehat santai di café menikmati teh panas yang uncang tehnya dibawa dari rumah, […]


The police found me. It must be the dogs. My scent brought them here. Or someone tipped them. I wouldn’t know. There are snitches everywhere. I used to be one. The cement tasted sweet to my mouth. Pin 1

Ahboy Ah!

The chirps of birds filling the spaces in between the screaming haze and the weeping clouds, mark the beginning of another sad day for a poor little boy, named Lim or what his single mother calls him- “Ahboy ah! Faster come down makan, later you late to school how leh? Aiya…” Ahboy walks to his […]


FRIDAY, by R Drops of Mother Nature’s tears hit the windscreen of my Myvi – one after another – creating a rather disturbing sound of inconsistent rhythm. I turn the radio’s volume up, just to overshadow that external noise. My passengers (or should I say, classmates) seem fine with the overwhelming volume – Hanis is […]

Bidadari Tercalar

Bidadari Tercalar Bertudung atau tidak Bukan ukuran Iman aku atau korang, apatah lagi tentang labuh atau longgarnya pemakaian aku. Kau kena tahu aku bukan ustazah tapi pendosa yang nak berubah. Allah tutup aib aku rapat2 walaupun aku kadang2 lengah solat Dan aku sangat tahu apa aku buat salah. Aku bidadari Tercalar Sebab aku pernah gagal […]


He’s drowning He try to reach something. Anything To stay alive. Is he dreaming? He hopes this is a dream. The pain that he feel in his lung starting to make him believe that this is not a dream. He needs air. He needs to see the light. It’s dark in here. Maybe he make […]

Aloha Alina

On the land of the sunny Hawaii, Alina shines brighter than the sun. Kindness warmer than the heat, character as colourful as the flowers around the hula, Alina really does represent the island effortlessly. Aloha Alina. Aloha Alina. ALOHA ALINA! One could never resist smiling back at her bright smile on any greetings, whether it’s […]

Dark Magic

* He drew a pentagram. ** There was too much noise. So many, so loud. There were sounds of glass breaking, of things thrown and yelling. So much yelling. He huddled in the corner of his room, the street lights his only guide as he sought solace in the pages of spells and rituals. He […]

Alternate Reality

     She held her breath until she could feel her body tremble. What a terrible Saturday. It was a long journey back to work and she needed to hold back her tears for as long as she could. She didn’t want her colleague, who was on the wheel, to see it, partly because she […]


The night comes down upon our aching hearts. Whilst the freedom of letting you into my own parade has cast off our pleasant life, you remain elusive to make your tears soak through the dark disguise. Like that disc of sunshine, it was my fate to know that everything I hold dear has already been […]

Find Me

I have been hiding for 20 minutes. I don’t know where did my Pak Long go – he said I should wait here, by the trees, while he checked the lights and the noises. I am scared. I see nothing. I don’t know where has this cloth been. It doesn’t smell like anything I know […]

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