Us Vs The World (2013)

Thinking what might you do to get money or what might you do to change your world. Honestly I can’t think of anything for both questions. I’m 21 & still haven’t accomplished anything.Everyday i think what do i wanna do in my life, what should i do for my life? But in the end, my […]

four seasons

She loved him and never recovered. He came for a season and left when the day becomes warmer. And she ate ice-cream under the sun alone, while staring at smaller kids on bikes. She’s on a hand-me-down swimming suit, red and white, striped. She stared at the small vase in front of Mrs Fisher’s yard, […]

t o y

Her heart was broken in the morning. She gasps for air. Took a deep breath, and let it go. She looks puzzled for a good minute And realized she need to work. She can’t afford to breakdown now. Not in front of the office. So she went in. Fake a smile. Walk to the office […]

The good ones are always taken

I’m writing to remember today. You were such a gentleman, holding open doors and all. You asked me about myself like you genuinely wanted to know. You asked questions to listen, not to respond. You really listened to me. You heard me. I felt comfortable with you, safe even. Like I could trust you with […]

The Bus

Never liked them. I’m currently in my 3rd week of doing an internship in the big city. I swore myself to not ride the bus but it was the most cheapest n fastest transportation but it might not be the most time-efficient and safest one. My first experience was the worst, the bus was too […]

I Never Can Tell

—“Will you marry me ?” I remember how for the hundredth times he asked. “I am going to take care of you I promise,” He added. “You know I can’t,” I gently replied. He knew I would never agree to that but he asked anyway, hoping I would have second thoughts. “We are young. What’s […]

Preamble Depiction

I’m deeply invested in you. How can be this way I have no idea. My head is fully occupied with this incoming election. And family to put on top. Glad work at the office is manageable. But still as the clock turning, there’s you in some part of my head. I remember you want to […]

Sambal Belacan

Pandang luar. Hujan. Cik Ati tengah drive. On the way rumah. Senyap. Tengok skrin fon. Gelap. “Nanti nak singgah kedai. Nak beli beg.” Cik Ati bagitahu. “Okay.” “Eh, nak dekat pukul 2 dah. Tak jadi lah singgah. Balik teruslah ye. Belum solat zuhur lagi ni. Nanti terlepas. Tak terlepas, tapi lewatlah.” “Okay.” Senyum. Kat luar […]

Guardian Angels.

Humans and angels have walked side by side for thousands of years. Behind each great feat were guardian angels, guiding and protecting their humans at all costs. They can be quite the conversationalists once they warm up to you, that is if you could see them at all. I was fortunate enough to be given […]

maybe that’s how it is

It’s like rainfalls, you know. The trickling of droplets on the roof provides you with a soft lullaby as a huge sense of calmness envelopes you slowly, making you feel safe and sound. The quiet chattering of insects indulging themselves in the rain gives you the assurance that the rain is full of happiness and […]


Kau masih bertanya kenapa aku tidak menyukainya? Aku tidak suka melihat tatapan dia kepadaku, apa aku salah? Aku tidak suka saat dia melebarkan senyuman dihadapanku, apa aku salah?? Lagi lagi aku tidak suka saat dia menebak-nebak apa yg kurasakan. Sungguh itu hal yg memuakkan. Dia merasa seolah-olah tau semua yg kutau. Itu hal yg paling […]

The Run

Sam heard no other sound but the crunching of leaves underneath his feet, his own breathing, and the shouting from behind him. He was tired, but he had to keep running. All around him were rows and rows of trees and bushes. If it wasn’t for the moonlight, he would not be able to see […]

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