Dear ex

Dear ex. Living without you has been a struggle. Getting used to silence at night, is proven impossible. All i want, is to hear your voice invisibly caressing across my skin telling me to fall asleep. Or you excitedly telling me where you want to bring me this weekend. Or who pissed you off at […]

One Time

There’s just this one time, where nothing ever make sense anymore. Not the air, the wind, the fan, the cheese that’s dribbling and drooling down the double cheeseburger he’s holding close to his hanging jaw. Not to say that he doesn’t believe in any religion or deity that controls whatever is going on, but this […]


Help.. “After you asked that we take some time to ask ourselves again, I did some thinking. And it turns out that this is what I needed. I am able to find out who I really am, maybe not the full picture of me but perhaps a glimpse of it. I am merely a coward, […]


Hati aku mula rasa tidak senang. Sudah sejam berlalu, tetapi kelibat isteriku dan anakku tidak kelihatan sejak keluar rumah untuk ke kedai. Walhal kedai terdekat hanya 5 minit dari rumah. Hari mula senja dan kebanyakan orang yang kami jemput sudah menunggu di ruang makan untuk majlis makan malam kami sempena ulangtahun anak kami. “Adakah dia bawa Aishah […]


Tuk! Tuk! Tuk! Ketuk Puan Ida pintu bilik anak perempuannya, Ani sambil menjerit untuk mengejut Ani bangun Subuh. Itu merupakan rutin setiap pagi Puan Ida. Jika Puan Ida di rumah, tepat jam enam pintu bilik Ani akan diketuk setiap hari dan secara tidak langsung turut menjadi petanda kepada Budi untuk bangun. Masuknya hari ini sudah […]

Dad, i miss you

Every time I close my eyes I see you in front of me. I still can hear your voice calling out my name. And I remember all the stories you told me. I miss the time you were around. But I’m so grateful for every moment I spent with you. ‘Cause I know life won’t […]

Everything is gonna be okay

You didn’t find this post for nothing. Allah allowed you to see this for a reason. There are millions of blog posts out there, but you’re reading this one right now. I just want you to know that Allah is right there with you and He loves you more than you will ever understand. He […]


“What a picture-perfect life he has” Bodoh. Tak habis-habis merungut. Entah sampai bila aku mahu mempersoalkan takdir. “Play the victim, that’s when everyone else starts to care” Pergi mampus. Aku tak perlukan sesiapa. “Pills. You need pills” Pills are for losers. They can’t even bear the pain they themselves created in the first place. “Here, […]


“Untuk manusia yang tak layak aku gelar kawan” Satu torehan di tangan mula membentuk garisan halus dan bintik-bintik darah mula muncul. “Untuk keluarga yang tak pernah peduli” Satu lagi torehan, kali ini kulitnya tersiat sedikit. “Untuk kekasih yang beri harapan palsu” Torehan ketiga lebih dalam. Namun tidak sedalam luka pada hatinya. “Nobody cares. I should […]

End up happy

One last posting, her favourite one. Paediatrics. The sound of laughters by them kids, even those shrill cries make her happy. Her heart is content. As though nothing could hurt her, not even the harsh world outside of the hospital, not even those negative thoughts and aura of others, she is alright, she is repose. […]

KOUNSIL – prolog

Hye. Harini I should be completing my assignments as the deadlines are getting nearer. But then I’ve thought of sharing my novel for a long time here, part of it lah. Maybe if the responds are great I akan keep on posting. It’s a story about a guy named Kay whom living his life normally […]

Our old days

It was during their last high school years, they stayed late at school as it was raining heavily. Rose and Randy stayed in their class, waiting for the rain to calm down. Rose never been afraid of the rain but she does have a fear of lightning. The loudest lightning strucked. Rose jumped from her […]


“I demand a refund!” she exclaimed as her tiny fists pounded on my oak desk, making me jolt awake from my restless nap. The pens and pencils rattled against their home, quivering as though they were as startled as I was. I stared at my daughter, her eyebrows furrowed and her lips curved downwards, clearly […]

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