I sat there frozen with my mouth agape while I was screaming “Hands, what are you doing? Add this track to your playlist already!” [ Jo Blankenburg – Illumielle ] I close my eyes and return to my childhood, full of adventures, return of a wonderful place that I do not want to leave. It […]

Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self, Hi, I’m the Present Self. Its 2.49 AM, I should be sleeping but my mind is lingering somewhere else and my sleep pattern is already messed up. But I’ve come acrossed this website and read the post that I wrote last year on February. So, I gonna tell you a little bit […]

Thunder and lightning

As a kid I was always fascinated but frightened by thunder and lightning. As lightning came I would scream and hide under my blanket.My mother would always say it couldn’t hurt me, but I had learnt that a simple touch of lighting will force life itself out of your body.Oh but,then came the thunder with […]

Who knows?

“Hi, Tya!” I heard someone shouted my name, “Oh, you are…” I whispered to myself but it was loud enough for her to heard it. She ignored it for sure and asked, “Can we talk?” She smiled, she always smiled when she talked with me but I never gave her mine. I hesitated and said, […]

Unstable Superman is a threat to the world

‘Unstable Superman is a threat to the world’ Cara terakhir untuk kalahkan Superman adalah dengan batu Kryptonite. Batu asas untuk planet Krypton yang sudah lama hancur ribuan tahun dahulu. Hanya yang tinggal adalah serpihan dari kapal angkasa General Zod yang jatuh di Lautan Pasifik. Tetapi batu itu telah jatuh ke tangan Lex Luthor. Tanpa sebab […]


It is the last day of 2017, and I was standing in front of his home. I took a long walk just to see him behind the curtains. I think I were such a creep for doing this. Such a fool! I kneed down, crying. And the sky was about to cry, I still in […]

As I Fall

The Mustang went screeching up the mountain at full speed. She was getting carsick as they sped through the narrow road. Her heart was thumping louder than the growl of the old engine. She looked at him with fear, but his dead eyes were focused on the road, navigating skillfully through the spiraling path. She […]


My eyes shot open when I felt my phone vibrating against my pillow. I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 2.45 am. Who could be calling me at this hour? But deep down, I already knew. I glanced at my phone’s screen and saw his name. A name that used to be […]

Dear ex

Dear ex. Living without you has been a struggle. Getting used to silence at night, is proven impossible. All i want, is to hear your voice invisibly caressing across my skin telling me to fall asleep. Or you excitedly telling me where you want to bring me this weekend. Or who pissed you off at […]

One Time

There’s just this one time, where nothing ever make sense anymore. Not the air, the wind, the fan, the cheese that’s dribbling and drooling down the double cheeseburger he’s holding close to his hanging jaw. Not to say that he doesn’t believe in any religion or deity that controls whatever is going on, but this […]


Help.. “After you asked that we take some time to ask ourselves again, I did some thinking. And it turns out that this is what I needed. I am able to find out who I really am, maybe not the full picture of me but perhaps a glimpse of it. I am merely a coward, […]


Hati aku mula rasa tidak senang. Sudah sejam berlalu, tetapi kelibat isteriku dan anakku tidak kelihatan sejak keluar rumah untuk ke kedai. Walhal kedai terdekat hanya 5 minit dari rumah. Hari mula senja dan kebanyakan orang yang kami jemput sudah menunggu di ruang makan untuk majlis makan malam kami sempena ulangtahun anak kami. “Adakah dia bawa Aishah […]


Tuk! Tuk! Tuk! Ketuk Puan Ida pintu bilik anak perempuannya, Ani sambil menjerit untuk mengejut Ani bangun Subuh. Itu merupakan rutin setiap pagi Puan Ida. Jika Puan Ida di rumah, tepat jam enam pintu bilik Ani akan diketuk setiap hari dan secara tidak langsung turut menjadi petanda kepada Budi untuk bangun. Masuknya hari ini sudah […]

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