My Hole of Pain

Qayzr Had too many chocolates and drank so many red bulls for last semester’s exams and now I’m here at the dentist again. I’m about to be called any time now so I’ll just be cool and read all these dental magazines.Oh, “Why tooth extraction hurts like hell?” in the front cover. Okay, this magazine […]


A&W She was sipping the last few drops of her fish porridge, when she caught a pair of eyes staring. The same eyes she caught last week. This time it lasted about 10 seconds, yeah I counted that through my stopwatch on my hand. Desperate enough? No, wait for my extreme ‘desperado’ vibe. I could […]

Harun Rivelino

Izham Ismail Nama aku Harun. Harun Rivelino. Aku suka makan popiah. Hari aku tak ngam kalau tak makan popiah. Pernah sekali kawan-kawan aku panggil aku Harun Popiah. Aku gertak bunuh keluarga dia orang kalau panggil aku Harun Popiah. Biasalah budak sekolah rendah, gertak sikit dah kecut telur. Biasalah budak sekolah rendah, bunuh keluarga pun boleh […]

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