Ensemble Tanpa Penonton

Seorang yang memegang baton berwarna putih, yang berdiri megah di hadapan konserto yang lengkap setiap seksyen-nya, pasti mengharapkan audiens yang setia mendengar tiap-tiap not yang menari keluar daripada bar dan stave yang terpacak di hadapannya, di atas stand yang dilimpahi cahaya dari lampu sorot di atas pentas. Mahukan mereka-mereka yang menutup mata sambil telinganya terbuka […]

An Extrovert’s Love Letter

Take my hand. My love, what do you fear? Speak, relinquish the things you hold dear – your guard, your walls, your protection. I have showed you much of the world I know, and this is how I am designed. But love… love is a different matter altogether. No matter how I have succumbed to […]


Berbunyi-bunyi handphone aku vibrate. Memang sengaja aku silentkan, semak. 3 hari tak bersua kata. 3 hari senyap tanpa bicara, 3 hari terus aku merana. Ego aku jatuhkan. Rindu menjadi platform untuk aku terus memberanikan diri dan menekan nombor-nombor yang tak langsung asing kepada aku. Suara yang aku kenali, yang aku anggap penawar duka dan rindu. […]


She walk in the middle of the night thinking abundantly, causing the back of her head aching. Walk with so many insecurities, head down, hugging herself so tight with her jaw clench and her heart up on her sleeve; crying.  Silence is all she wanted,- Silence is what she have always wanted. Thinking of all […]


  I pushed the door to my apartment with a heavy sigh. As soon as I entered it, I heard the same voice babbling. “You’re late again!” My wife appeared with a ladle in her hand. She wore the same yellow apron & the curry stain from last week was still there. “I was busy.” […]

Feeling through Letters

Everyday and nights she starring at windows looking and think about someone she love. No matter how hard the situation will be, she always hoped that he will be happily together with someone he love.  She always asked herself “Am I good enough for him.” Or “Will he love me like I always do love […]

Sleeping Beauty

Legends says that a true love’s kiss can end all dark spells.On that day i kissed her but she never woke up for her body was cold and eyes were shut.On that day i kissed her she never woke up for she was gone,life taken away from her.On that day i kissed her she didn’t […]


I walked away as he chose that woman’s hand instead of mine. He made the choice by himself, nobody there forced him to choose her, but he did. He could choose me instead, he could hold me tight, he could hug me and never let me go but he did not do any of those; […]


It is a common thing, that I have my own dreams just like everybody does. I wanted to be a doctor! so it was like an another steps ahead when I entered a year foundation in science programme. But God knows how much it takes to go through those bitter and sweet moments throughout the […]

One Sided Love

You start giggling again at some corny joke he makes. Another thing to add in the list of reasons why you love him. His sense of humor is so appealing to you or some people might just say you are blindly in love. Your best friend beside you was rolling her eyes at the loving […]


I was five when a chubby red haired boy tried to woo me by giving me strawberry ice-cream. I took the ice-cream and dumped it into the dustbin. He should have known better than to gift me strawberry. I was five and I disliked strawberry. The look on his face that day, he was simply […]

Not you.

“Take care! I’ll see you again, if there is time.” I smiled and waved until the red-colored Mazda 3 disappeared from my sight. I looked up to the sky, it is as gray as the color of your eyes when I told you that I wanted a break up. I hastened my pace into the lawn making sure I […]

for bruise left behind.

‘i’m empty like the day after christmas, swept beneath the wave of your goodbye. you left me on the day after christmas, there’s nothing left to say and so, goodnight.’ ;boxing day by blink-182 another series of rambling on twitter, what else is new. elis never used the platform to contact people, no, she just […]

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