Dah Ada boyfriend

I only met her for a month when I worked with her. After that, it’s only just a texting conversation. When I saw her, it’s like beautiful and perfect (yes, she was single), until I know more about her. I knew she never text me first or ask questions about me but I still want […]

My World

I dont know how to tell the world how amazing you are as a person. All I know is writing about you on a paper until I ran out of ink   You are in every page of my book, The poetry of my soul, The unbidden thoughts that comes at midnight. You are the […]

Rise Of The Dead

It all started in a cold and chilly Saturday night in the street of Bekesbourne Street,London.The light from the full moon shone down on the red brick wall of a three-storey house,casting an eerie shadow of a tall,bare,maple tree.Through a small window of the house,a figure of a,much more like a man in his early […]

That Cute Little Girl

That cute little girl, who once had being loved by everyone. Who once was a cheerful and outspoken girl. Who knows maturity hits her hard. All the trust she gain from family had been gone in a blink of an eye. All starts when she met him.   Its all start with a simple love […]

Mudded Foal

Yesterday, my mom used her veto’s authority to ask me to peel and blend 3 sacks of onions alone by myself. Yes, 3 sacks of onions- alone. It was partially my fault that I ended up still peeling onions at 4 in the morning. To decrease and lower down the boring and regret feelings, I […]

Keretapi Ipoh

2100 – Stesen KL Sentral Aku masih termangu mencari hala tuju yang tidak pasti. Mencari jalan untuk mencari diri sendiri, yang pada pandangan aku, telah lama mati. Aku cuba teruskan perjalanan, menjinjit beg yang patut aku sandang, sambil menarik lemah beg troli yang sarat dengan kenangan. Aku teruskan langkah mencari sesuatu. Hinggalah aku terserempak dengan […]


The word gets thrown around a lot “oh my such talent”, “He’s so talented”, ” I wish I had his talent!”, Hearing those things said took me back a few year to a time where I was in a room with said talent. At the time though he was just another guy, working hard at […]

The Girl from Out-of-Nowhere

I woke up that morning feeling heavy from the weight of missing him. I let out a deep sigh. I should have told him that I like him since the first day we met. I shouldn’t let him guess. “I see that you’re very concern of me today” “Oh really? If that so, then you’re […]

Uninvited Visitor

Friday, 13th November 20xx [12.08am] I just finished all my work. Good job, dear self. All that’s left to do is switch off my table lamp and bamm on the bed. [12.35am] I cannot sleep. Coffee? But I don’t take my usual daily dose today. Habit? I usually could sleep around this time of night. […]

Run, Run.

‘I’m glad.’ ‘Glad? Of what?’ ‘Of you. I’m glad that I found my way back to you.’ I smiled. My smile was as wide as the crescent of the moon that shone so brightly, that night. I smiled because every word he said, it seemed like he meant everything. Not just every word, but every […]

The Last Time We Were There

The last time we were there, It was 4pm. You parked your car by the road side and we walked to the nearest worn down wooden bench. The last time we were there, We sat at opposite ends of the bench, legs crossed, facing each other, keeping a distance. The last time we were there, […]


Zaman sekarang ni orang selalu cakap jangan suka berharap . Jangan cepat jatuh suka kat orang . But you know what, that feeling, that feeling to like someone is not something that you can control . Perasaan ni kalau boleh control senang beb , tekan je butang heartless , tekan je butang ‘no special feeling’ […]

Mastani si Tari

“Deewani Mastani”   “you gave me such a wound, that I went crazy, crazy.. you applied such a balm, I became all soulful.. the identity of my love 
has now become of a flow.. “   Pentas itu memperlihatkan dua dunia. Tanpa sebarang sempadan memisahkan maya dan realiti. Wujud dua karakter yang jantinanya berlainan. Perjalanan […]

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