Mother Her mother is crying in the driver’s seat. She had asked for wrapping paper for her books, which her mother forgets amidst everything else and now her mother is angry at them both. My mother is so very human and I am such a child, she thinks. She is seven years old, and she […]

Hantaran 15k

Aku dah jumpa dengan keluarga bakal isteri aku (hopefully). It went well. Si bapaknya macam biasalah, perangai bapak-bapak, bergurau bapak-bapak. Emaknya pun tak banyak cakap, tapi sentiasa senyum sepanjang perjumpaan seperti seronok anak perempuannya sudah jumpa kekasih hati untuk diikat sehingga mati. Perbincangan itu tak disertai adik beradik yang lain, cuma aku, si dia dan […]

What happened yesterday.

Yesterday was shitty. I woke up with no phone, no money, no ID. Yes, someone broke into my house. He/She took my phone where I put it beside my pillow on the bed while I was sound asleep. My wallet that has my ID, Bank Cards, Student Card, License, and RM200 cash and also my […]

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Disclaimer: The story is NOT based on personal experience. The journey towards healing is like a dance Just like the rhythms, One moment your move is fast, upbeat and confident. Just like the rhythms, It is butterflies and rainbows. But the music isn’t always lively. Sometimes you have to slow down, feel the music and […]

Dear, child me.

Dear, the child me, By the age of six, Your personality is a happy kid, You talkative and tend to play dead and detective. It is so rare for you to be sad, You will also start asking your father to pet a stray cat. By the age of seven, Your personality is the rebellion. […]

How To Not Care Anymore

I used to care about everything. Literally everything. And that’s why people love me so much – because I care. I ask a lot , and often, about other people. ‘How’s work?’ ‘Oh that’s terrible, how it happened?’ ‘What do you think about it?’ I grew up in everyone’s problem. I became somewhat a solution […]

The herbs.

Ahh man, this feel so good. Have you ever lie on your bed, the bed that you’ll sleep on everyday but this time it’s magically comfy. The weather is great with the shine from the sun. Wait, I guess that’s why people call it sunshine, because it’s the shine from the sun! Ah-ha new things […]


………………. ” I’ll be there soon , see you in 5 ? ” a notification pops up as I wait anxiously for the arrival of someone I haven’t seen for the past 3 years at a local coffee shop in downtown Sapporo . The scent of freshly brewed coffee usually calms me down but this […]

Just please…

Even after so long, after all this time, he still can’t put it past him. All the pain, the rage, the sorrowful sadness he felt, was too much for him to handle. What a pity. Pity that he’s so clouded and disturbed he couldn’t see that the world has so much to offer. So much […]


“awak tau awak fucked bila..?” dan kerlipan lampu pun berkilau dengan gerak yang pantas, bercahaya lip lap seperti hari raya, bunyi drum-gendang-entah-apa mereka guna untuk efek saspens juga turut melakukan tugasnya. Dan dalam sesaat, cahaya liplap, bunyi drum, hilang. Lampu putih tersorot pada seorang peserta daripada tiga.. “Yes you!” “Aaa, bila you are the reason […]


siapa peduli soal pengetahuan seseorang dalam penggunaan perkataan? siapa peduli soal kemahiran seseorang dalam penghantaran perkataan? siapa peduli soal kemahiran seseorang dalam penyusunan perkataan? apa jua yang terpapar; terbunyi; tertulis; selagi di dalam keadaan serba lapang itu dia melihat, mendengar, membaca sesuatu— akan mengertilah dia—bahkan mungkin lebih mengerti daripada penulis-penulis; penghasil-penghasil itu sendiri. akan mengertilah […]

Cerelaka: Hujan

Ahmad dan Ahad sedang bersantai di petang Sunday. Ahmad sedang scroll instagram di iPhone dia. manakala Ahad sedang menaip di laptop hakmilik kerajaan. Kedengaran bunyi air singgah atap zink rumah. “Syukur…hujan membasahi tanah-Mu yang kering ini. sudah seminggu tak ketemu dengan kamu” Ahmad memanjatkan kesyukuran “Rileks lah, baru satu minggu tak jumpa hujan. jodoh tuu, […]

The Girl at the Wooden Hut

It had all been alright. She wanted nothing more than to live a normal life. She felt sure that she could finally enjoy what other kids in her school had that she never had – a loving and happy family. But it was different now because Regina, her mom, was caught cheating and ever since […]

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