few months apart after my last post. terima kasih buat ruangan ini kerana masih wujud untuk menjadi ruang buat aku menulis dan mencatit semuanya. i dont really have any new update. aku cuma rindu menulis. penulisan yang tak bermakna buat orang, tapi cukup untuk buat mata aku hujan. jadi apa perancanga tahun ini?   kurang […]


“Teh ais satu, bang. Bungkus.” Dari luar, tampaknya hujan masih rakus menghempas tanah. Sudah tibanya musim tengkujuh. Sesekali ditekup kedua-dua tangannya rapat ke mulut, satu hembusan dilepaskan untuk menghangatkan tangan yang semakin kesejukkan. Hujan yang semakin lebat di petang hari melarutkan fikiran Azura. Ah! Sudah enam bulan rupanya. Tanpa dapat dikerah, perakam mindanya kembali mengenang […]


Hai Ben. I know you are not gonna be able to read this, Ben. But i have missed you so much that i couldn’t help myself to come to this square screen and write something. Some things that i have been dying to tell you but i couldn’t, since you won’t understand a thing. Remember […]

It has to end

It has been more than a year, since it happened. You still had me tied with you. I tried to get away because I wanted to move on. Once in awhile, you’d text me. Trying to catch all the falling leaves, melting ice. “Hey just wondering, how did you treat your depression?” My first thought […]

Over Coffee

“Can we start over?” She sipped her coffee and had a deep gaze through the window. She looked back at her coffee cup she’s holding before telling her answer.  “How could i, H, how could i? I loved you, and to a certain extent perhaps i still do but how could I let myself to […]

Rainbow connection

Dinding bilik Naail berlatarkan warna biru langit. Dia yang pilih sebab ibu bagi. Teringat sewaktu Naail berusia satu tahun, menangis dalam dukungan ibu setiap malam. Dia pula hanya mampu melihat ibu dan ayah tidur selang malam, berganti macam pas baton. Oh ya. Dulu bilik itu warna kelabu. Dia tak suka warna kelabu. Satu malam, dia datang […]

13 December 2018

I am Kiara and I thought today, or this semester would be different that the rest, I thought I have chosen a buddy that would help me for the rest of the semester. Oh, how I was wrong to put my positive judgements on it. Its been a rough week for all students this time […]

Where Should I Belong

Where Should I Belong?   If there is anything that I am good at, surely it will be waiting.   It had been two weeks since I left that dark and cramped box and lived here.  My spirits brightened upon sitting on the “new arrival” section. However as time passed by, new generation replaced me […]

Self-Taught Child

“Where did you learn this?” Most would ask me this. A 22-year old who could crochet bags, pouches and much more. People was amused as it was not a common hobby here in Malaysia plus a young-adult?. My answer would always be “My mom, she was a start” She is. She is a start to […]


Defensive according to Mr. Google was ” very anxious to challenge or avoid critism ” “Always put others first.” My mom used to say that, she was worried that I might not make friends or I was too bold for the world. Sadly there’s a negative side of it, I became soft. In an argument, […]

What is Jodoh?

I don’t know where to start. I have never been in love, well not really but more to one-sided love. Some says “It will come one day, you’re special. The last one are always for the best.” Some says “Put some effort in it, you cant just wait around for it to pop-up” Some says […]

Us Vs The World (2013)

Thinking what might you do to get money or what might you do to change your world. Honestly I can’t think of anything for both questions. I’m 21 & still haven’t accomplished anything.Everyday i think what do i wanna do in my life, what should i do for my life? But in the end, my […]

four seasons

She loved him and never recovered. He came for a season and left when the day becomes warmer. And she ate ice-cream under the sun alone, while staring at smaller kids on bikes. She’s on a hand-me-down swimming suit, red and white, striped. She stared at the small vase in front of Mrs Fisher’s yard, […]

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