The one that’s weird

Its a clear fact that i’m not like the rest, i lay down, watch the darkness as i rest, they laugh at recycle jokes as if its funny the first time, well i can say i did not fit in the crowd & its not the first time, i know i have parasites in my […]

To the Man I Never Loved Before

To the man I never Loved Before 20181028 we are nobody before this never knew each other never hold and waving our hand but your presence right now keep me feel warmth like you are the second house of my life!! it is so cruel for me to not appreciate you you are like a […]

This is not it

Maybe I’m putting too much thoughts into this, what kind of a woman begs- and still stay, unasked for   I guess I wanted you last night, tried to milk whatever comfort I can get from a man who finds no comfort in me   what kind of a woman that makes me   I […]

Alphabet Abuse

Acerbic adjectives aren’t at all attractive Abuse misuse seduce all reduced to nothing Abstruse accused assaulting, I deduced to being An airheaded muse to allay your angry raging Bulldoze my boundaries Bombard me till I’m broken Like bombs you break my barriers I bunt back but got broke in Caught in calamity Couples cause catastrophes […]

if they ask, I still love you

if it is not beautiful what do I make of these months; a giant crater, remnants of something burning & crashing onto the ground? still, I would write it off like a dream I chased after, a dream I would have given a whole lot more to carry if it knew to hold me back […]

Make Happiness

  I grew up surrounded by people who seem to think happiness had to be kept, stolen and hoarded like paper stars in jars and hearts inside of hearts Physical metaphors personified indignified of its fleeting existence Happiness was treated as such and it was a travesty In college those older than me had forgotten […]


Diam diam aku masih simpan rasa. Walau aku tahu, kau takkan pernah pulang semula. Ah, aku lupa. Bukan akukah yang mulakan ini semua? Kau datang, aku hilang. Kau pergi, dan aku kembali.   Indahnya saat kita bersama pada hari silam kita. Benarlah, yang indah tak akan kekal lama. Hanya kesedihan menemani diri aku sahaja. Kalau […]

Miss me?

Isn’t it cold in there? I believe the door hasn’t been opened since the day I left. You clenched your teeth when my name pops up in your mind. Your heart winced in pain when you smell my scent while you were outside in the crowd. You eyes brimmed with tears when you realise I’m […]

ask for his heart

what changes, if I write more poems will he love me for it; pick up these words strung with hurt and call it his?   I would have crossed oceans for that man- make a haven out of my arms and let him stay so long as he wants   but here, there is very […]

Full Stop

I keep telling myself yang segalanya akan terubat, But who am I kidding kini jelas sekali we’re too late, I mean kita punya peluang but we blew it, Again and again He gave the right saat but we didn’t take the bait, Serves us right for thinking kita boleh kembali back to how it all […]

to the one i’ve loved before

i used to see the world as a cruel place a garden of dead flowers where the sky is nothing blue but just a pit of darkness no fluffy clouds, but just gloomy clouds, like those puffy eyes of a girl who cries herself to sleep. but then you came, showing me the other side […]

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