I can’t heal the bleeding scars that once have been tortured and hurt, the pain will keep on hunting me. My solid heart turns into glass, fragile and with only just one life. You found a way, to break in and let blood flow through the twisted veins, make me alive again. Somehow I forgot […]


Detak jantung ini sudah retak, Dibuai kuatnya rasa resah, Seiring musnahnya harapan, Musnahnya sebuah perasaan, Menanti kapan tiba, Untuk membalut diri, Menunggu empat penjuru berbicara mesti, Tapi aku tak boleh pasti, Andai saat itu tiba, Sudah bersediakah diri ini, Kerana hidupku di bumi gegak gempita, Dirasuk nafsu perosak agama, Menghancurkan diri yang sudah sedia hina, […]


To me, it is a wonder As we get older We forget that our parents aren’t getting any younger either We always see them as the most capable people We’re always busy with our own life, with work That it blinded us that our time with them are so little That we always took it […]

Some thought.

How can someone leave when they used to promise; they will forever stay? After all If that’s your choice, nothings left I could ever say. Perhaps those good old days; won’t bother me anyway. I pray so that in the future, we’ll never had chance to cross the same way. Pin 0

Taste You Once

I taste your lips once, and I cant stop myself from wanting more. Sweet, warm and lovely, that’s all I can remember. From small talk, we locked eye to eye to a passionate kiss. I can still feel you in me. It ended too soon, without an opening or even closure. Your smell still linger […]

January Ending

I sat on your thorns, January, a losing queen- while you stretched over the kingdom like a slow plague; you have made the people sick, brought out teeths in a room full of gentle farmers   all those blood on your hands, January, I watched a mutiny unfold after your trail- angry torches we have […]

I wrote you as a good dream

ONE I heard that the size of a human heart is approximately the size of their fist; and still, I know nothing of your heart though I thought I had it- which is to say I’ve never seen you fold a fist and yet have felt every punch   TWO I wrote you as a […]


Don’t hold onto me. Let me go. Will you? Let me fly and spread my wings Away and away. Let my heavy soul wanders and lost. Don’t find me. I can always find my way back, If i want to, Not that I ought to. Let me find pieces of peace, that has been missing […]

Bukan Ikan Di Pasar

Terlalu tinggi darjat punca kau jadi keparat. Otak berkarat, hati hitam pekat. Baru berpangkat sudah rasa diri terlalu hebat. Boleh tentukan nilai seseorang pada mata kasar.. Bukan tengok pada dasar.. Hoi.. menilai orang bukan seperti memilih ikan di pasar.. Selam dalam dalam.. Kenal luar dalam Ini tidak. Tahunya cuma menganyam, menghantam tetapi mengaku Islam. Lupa, […]

Pesan Ibu

Ibuku sering berpesan.. Berhati-hati memilih teman, yang baik di hadapan belum tentu suci dalaman. Busuk hati, penuh dengan kebencian, ibarat gunting dalam lipatan. Madu ku beri penuh senyuman, dibalas racun di balik tangan. Selagi aku dianggap berkepentingan, silakan ambil kesempatan. Jangan nanti diambil tindakan, Jari kau tunding salahkan pendengaran, Padahal mulut tak henti menyebarkan. Yang […]

God Bless

I was born begging for God’s mercy, fear and love for all that is Holy, each day began praising Thee, and each day ends praying for He.   As I mature, fear grew into hatred, as men in tunics demand me to be wed, a child barely grown, yet groped and drowned by guilt.   […]

runaway moon

let me live in a skyless utopia, promise I’ll never wonder why the moon is quiet again; my friend, a painter, knows the crevices of stars like the back of her hand, still, knows no meaning of silence   which is to say I’ve wandered in search of the moon- glimpses of him in people […]


If I could go back on that day, I would have warn myself. Never trust others easily. People comes in every forms, some are beautiful, and some aren’t. It was just my luck that I met someone which is not even pretty but a devil in disguise. I would describe myself as a person who […]

Tuhan, kenapa Engkau ciptakan aku?

14 tahun hidup atas dunia, aku pernah tanya Tuhan, kenapa Dia cipta aku. Aku pernah marah pada Tuhan, hidup aku waktu tu penuh liku. Emosi aku tidak stabil. Aku pernah rasa Tuhan marah aku. Tuhan benci aku. Walaupun aku ambil gunting dan cederakan diri, tumbuk dinding di kanan dan kiri, aku masih teruskan hidup, berbekalkan […]

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