Aur dan Tebing #2

Aur dan Tebing sibuk bertelingkah Aur pukulan nya deras, languid, bagaikan ombak but rained down blows like a female named hurricane. Tebing stood stolid. Unmoving unbent unrelenting. Aur may have the upperhand when it came to attacks but Tebing had learned the hard way, skin thick and head harder so, under pressure he shone and […]

Tokpuan; Bahasa Halus

Bahasa Halus Tokpuan . . . The malays find their culture within the folds of their verbal communion the turn in their phrase pushes the page forward it is a skill lost to many because we simply do not know bagaimana hendak bersuara antara satu sama lain Yang hendak mahu hidangan pesannya ke kiri Jika […]

I Deal With My Anger

I deal with my anger like I deal with a pack of playing cards like In a game of speed two decks on the side with the aim to clear your hand counting down from K Q J 10 the idea is you’ll find peace when you count down to one but how can you […]

Hugs and Kisses / XOXO

Maybe hugs are just a way to ask for help in keeping emotions in when we all are just breaking apart someone else helps us keep together maybe kisses are just a loss for words but you want them to hear you so instead of words you touch your lips upon their skin and speak […]

Love’s scene

Butterfly kisses awake to the scent of comfort pancakes wafting wonderful scents and soft pajama pants stealing silent shifts between warm hands between fabric between skin cupping folded lifts of trembling life returning once more to the darkening hickeys and lips kissed sore of too early for this yet not soon enough … and gentle […]

Tokpuan 2

Grandma just told me how when people come over its riuh and then when they all go home she feels like they took home with them so all she’s left with are cold unfeeling walls welling up inside her “rasa cam nak nangis” funny Grandma, you always know how I feel inside the fridge a […]

It looks good on you

I miss your voice I miss the lilt, the slight rise and fall of a tilt as though the weight of your thoughts swirling inside your mind causes the wilt the hilt of a sword outwieghing the guilt of the blade a twirl of a lock of hair the key is to look straight yet […]

Im glad you exist

Im glad that you exist its nice to know that in all this space there is someone who I dont know if you see it that way but I do that thinks and feels more or less the way I do I dont need to be close to know youre near enough that it isnt […]

I Have A Confession

Like I have this feeling, its a small feeling, a longing that exists within me the reason why I asked you was so that I could choose weather to plant it or not in that small 4 by 6 plot of land inside my heart letting the roots grow into my nervous system exploring the […]

She sells sea shells

she sells seashells by the sea shore saving up money i dont know what for selling her beach wares door to door with a pretty lil smile and a white pinafor gotta lil betta look when i pinha to da floor lookin all cute coming through my door punnin im strumming her on all damn […]

Heart on our sleeves

The fool that touches fragility and blames the world for the cracks holding on harder the cracks grow like roots permanent deeper and deeper it runs like a wild river breaking stone and earth into plateaus, the slightest tremor causing magnitude shudders then tectonic chest plates of our ribs our intercontinental beliefs land lines upon […]

Breath Deep

I want to rest my head in that small cove at the base of your neck, hide behind your hair and read the Braille of your skin using my lips your pulse the measure of time time moves to the beat of your heart a day ends when you close your eyes and until you […]


I want your voice in my phone To wake me up at night Before the nightmares come Numbing me to the wonders dreams may bring The fright would be enough to curdle milk Solidifying the masses Into a suspended belief A dairy allergy hard to swallow I want your voice in my phone To wake […]

Muslim Boi

I wanna trace your lines from your back to the neck map out constellations navigating the galaxies on your skin I want to travel your universe visit each globe each planet until I arrive at uranus laugh an insecurity away and kiss it anyway I want to travel your uni verse your singular ayaht your […]


A person is never still Ideas Tremors finger tips into heart beat fevers keeping a torrential off the canvas your mind tries to paint on and off and on and off and on and often on and of all those little things how could you be still? Pin 0

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