I have learnt to speak less about you I can’t even remember the last time I said your name out loud Or telling of how sad I am now that you’re not around It is the mind that is harder to trick I can’t help thinking of you everyday when I’m having a cup of […]


Reach out to me I want to sleep with a voice in my head Pick it up I want to sleep with a voice in my head Find my name in the list I want to sleep with a voice in my head Push those numbers I want to sleep with a voice in my […]

Devil In Disguise

The door creaks It was you, again Creeping silently in the darkness Hunting for the flesh Of a pristine soul A silhouette That made a soul, quiver in fear Crashing to the ground In misery and agony What a sham Concealing the misdeed With a mask of a saint If only people knew What kind […]


It is so easy to like you With every breath Every smile Every hello Even when you stare and your eyes were empty Even when you’re in a bad mood and the day felt longer Even when you stopped and never look back I still like you Pin 1


I am short of height of breath and, hope – no matter how high I hop. So don’t worry I won’t be long As I don’t belong in this world of yours, where I had been lost till I lost the sense of belonging. But.. Never mind. I don’t mind. You too now are no […]

I didn’t save us

This could’ve been easy   if I just apologise for none of my mistake   if I forgive  without you being sorry   if I beg one more time  even after you pushed me away   because by then you must’ve stayed here with me though your heart doesn’t    but then I chose  to […]


Here’s to everyone who makes me feel vulnerable and worthless. I never like how my heart feels whenever it catches the deafening symphony of my self-esteem shattered to the ground. It tries to hold me back, with every muscle it fosters to keep beating and holding me back from falling. But it falls together with […]


Ku tulis kata cinta, Dengan pena harapan, Tidak serik akan perpisahan, Kerna diri aku hanya satu, Dan setiap kisah yang ku lalu, Menjadikan diriku, Lebih baik dari yang dulu. Pin 0

my poems

this is how I build my poems; gather all the sad in a bowl of alphabet soup, arrange the words in whatever sequence hurt most   I do not know to do this any other way, my poems are not gift cards, presents, or happy occasions, my poems are just the leftover of my tears- […]

Flower Road

You deserve to be happy Despite of countless pain You deserve to be acknowledged To be loved Don’t be blind by others success Or others happiness You’ll reach yours They’ll deserve what are belonging to them All will fall to its places You deserve this happiness At least by yourself Your soul need love At […]

A Smile on My Face

I told her this is goodbye She pleaded, ‘tell me this is a lie’ I let go of her cold hand And felt my throat filled with sand. ‘This is real’, I replied Words that made her cry ‘Just let me go’, I gave another blow Why did I let myself stoop so low? Yes, […]

Tell Him I Do Not Get It

tell him the words are in clumps i do not know what to show him. apart from where it hurts. tell him to look where i point exactly. tell him i said please. tell him i cannot feel my chest that the void does not help and that i miss him. tell him i said […]

If I Were A Man

if only i were a man, then id atleast have a chance, to love you even before life began, and finally make your heart whole again.   if only i were a man, will i then be in your hands?  will your embrace be more than just between longing friends?  and will my efforts finally […]

we cant be defined

what are we? we shall not be define as what we are to each other is never consistent we used to be classmate then cherish each other and became friend or should i say bestfriend but at certain time we act like we never knew one another once we passed that phase we thought we […]

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