Diam aku terpaku di sejadahku, Tears streaming down my face, Terkandas aku sekali lagi dihadapanMu, This time I hope it’s not just a phase; For the longest time rasa sayu, And aku tak tahu what’s up with me lately, Afraid of the past catching up I turn to You, But I couldn’t ask sekali lagi, Tak kira betapa I […]


As the showers pours Sadness came crawling Loneliness came hugging Chest started to stiff Yet, not a single tears drop   Just how the droplets drop This self-esteem drop Just like the drop’s waltzing This thought keep on scrambling   As others persist to cast their cynicism I have to embrace myself As they continue […]


Tiada kata mampu diucap Menggambarkan rasa di hati Kerna terluka ini tidak terungkap Hanya menjadi simpanan sendiri Akhirnya masanya sudah tiba Untuk membawa diri yang lara Disakiti dan dikhianati Tanpa ada peluang untuk membela diri.   Pernah cuba untuk bangun berdiri Setelah dihentam berkali-kali Namun semuanya sia-sia Kerana pengakhirannya terduduk jua Bukan sekali ianya terjadi […]


It’s dark and gloom When there’s no stars When the mist diverts When the lonely moon shines   Despite being lonely She still shines brightly Among the empty sky Along the sleepy breeze   Beautiful as ever she is Illuminate the darkness Fit in the hollow of this heart That’s about to torn apart   […]


Be still, my heart No worries We aren’t lonely For every mistakes you do He forgives you He is proud of you How broken How shattered No matter what When you felt jaded He is there Behind you Always had a smile At the corner of his face That every warm feeling He gave you […]


Sometimes I do wonder, “I wish I have a guy who would love me and I would love him”   Sometimes I do wonder, “Am I just not good enough to be loved?”   But these days I am being loved when : In the office when I had a hard time, “Are u okay?” […]

cinta itu sederhana

kalau cinta itu buta aku pasti bukan cinta yang aku rasa kerana semakin mengenalimu semakin aku jelas apa yang aku mahu dongeng cinta yang selalu kudengar agung bak romeo dan juli zainuddin dan hayati epik tapi tragis indah tapi berduri namun mengenalimu aku tahu hakikat cinta tidak pernah mudah tapi cinta juga tidak melemahkan justeru […]


“you told me I will never be able to love anyone again, you told me I have no right to be in love again, and without any objection, I agree with you because maybe, that’s my only reality..” Pin 0


How long has it been? 3? 4 years? Come January, would be the 5th year. So many faces, too many places. and yet, I secretly look for someone, something, anything,.. that is familiar,. that feels like home. like how i found a home, in you. Pin 0

Legal Lolita

Lana Del Rey writes songs for girls like me Where older men have a thing for us But I like them for what they are, not their money Their charm and whatnots will suffice to satiate our lust And provide the fuel for decent conversations that last the night Until the sun comes up and […]

All I see is you

Walking the pathway, Your silhouette behind the shade of green and blue. By the little staircase, My eyes wander the hallways where you used to walk through. Yellow circular seats, My thoughts recall the evenings I used to spend with you. All around these sorrow hallways, All I see is you. Pin 0

Making A Meal

Building a family is like doing groceries checking dat lis makin it twice go through all the naughties the tasties and the nice plannin out the week making ends meet having something to look forward to after a hard day not having to speak when you have nothing to say our spoons and bowls will […]

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