flowers. blessed with a thousand colours, bestowed with abundant qualities, with millions flair and possibilities. grew with beauty and qualities. but none can match the tint and shade of your skins, none matches your figure, with your sweet smile and gleeful joy. flourishing with heavenly eyes. if you’re a flower, you’ll be an elixir. essence […]

Tear Ducted

Noises we heard,Noises we felt,Exchanged notions of two-pieced souls,Possibly born to bond. Noises we heard,Noises we felt,Became string quartet strung in mid-air,Melodies sung to the bones we shook. Fireworks at the very eve of New Year’s,Fireworks at the very eve of lonely,Of entangled emotions,Shattered by a dulled splinter,Buried deep on the palm of your hand. […]

Rusticity Old

Was I old? Ah, consciously old! Toned and mellowed through each winter’s cold. Seeking brief warm from thine own arms. As thee grew to long for ardent flame of youth. ‘Twas to feel the decay of thy skin, Like woods, woods in the fall. ‘Twas to stifle, With every lengthy breath drawn. ‘Twas to witness […]

A tad too

A tad t00 sAd. he mustered every bit of his strength, whenever she’s a tad too sad. he goes beyond lengths, whenever she’s a tad too sad. he weaved his pain alone, light a cigarette and says everything’s fine, as long as she’s not a tad too sad. alas, it was still not enough; he […]

Trust, Lust, Love

Reliance Sweet catastrophe Filled with sour mouths. Vague actions causes multiple consequences   Ardour. Touch of your fingers, Scent of your dazing neck. The softness in your lip. Loud thumps of your heartbeat.   Solicitude. Smitten indiscreet was desirable. It was selected  but protected. our hearts were chained. Hope it won’t break though.     […]

Stupid Love

Hi Baby! I can’t really express my heart out. I’m scared and terrified of falling, yet I fall for you everyday.   Good Morning love <3 I woke up next to you with a smile, Always tanya “nak makan apa?” If only I know the answer every time babe.   Be careful okay? I get […]

The Agony of Loving You <3

We’ve swiped right on each other’s faces, Started falling till late morning. It took us a whole year, to learn each other’s hearts.   Pergi lepak minum is all the leisure we had. as far as we’ve gone through, sleeping next to you was the comfiest of all. Both of us were liars for godsake. […]

Those brown eyes

Those brown eyes That marked, light brown Just like I remember Time has made them warmer   Little wrinkles have taken form Etched by wisdom, all that you’ve seen How many years have passed Since you laid those eyes on me?   They’re so familiar, yet foreign I’ve looked into them before But not like […]

to live or not to live.

what would it be to see without worry,  to be carefree with nothing to be sorry.  what would it feel to be in eternal glory,  to be on unreachable pedestal tower of ivory.  or  to live in worry not that anyone cares,  to live consciously of others’ undying despair. to live comfortably beneath your obscurity,  […]

cerita seorang sarjana

Seorang sarjana baru lulus, masih polos. Lulus tidak dengan kepujian. Sebuah kontrak kerajaan sudah ditandatangan, aman. Belum cukup terlatih Belum pandai curi tulang dan keluar mengeteh Sedia menurut perintah buat negeri bertuah Bagai Tuah menjunjung titah. Seorang sarjana lain sedang menunggu panggilan Merenung telefon bagai pungguk angankan rembulan Ting! Ting! Pesanan ringkas memanggil. Dia menunggu […]

aku malaikat kecilmu

Pada umur yang panjang Aku berharap Hanya senyum yang mekar di wajah ibu Setiap satu mimpinya sudah aku lunas Apa pun risaunya sudah aku tumpas Dia akan selalu gembira, gembira dan selalu gembira Hingga tiada satu pun kesedihan yang berani hinggap Kerana aku sudah berada di sampingnya Siap untuk memberi walau nyawa untuk melukis bianglala […]

siapakah aku?

kalau aku adalah seekor burung, aku adalah seekor burung hitam kecil yang terbang sendiri, tidak pernah dalam kawanan. kalau aku adalah sejemput awan, aku adalah gumpalan kelabu yang sugul di tengah langit membiru. kalau aku adalah sehelai daun, aku adalah dedaun kering yang akhirnya diinjak orang dan gering terbaring. kalau aku adalah seekor ikan, aku […]

hermosa puesta de sol

oh madre estoy sufriendo mama abrazame abrázame fuerte no puedo aguantar más todo esta borroso y luego siento un toque suave es mi madre ella es un ser suave como una seda ella me susurra “estoy aquí bebé. puedes dejarlo todo ahora” “No estarás enojada conmigo si voy, mamá?” susurré debajo de mi aliento “No […]

pekak, buta, bisu

Pekak. orang-orang ini tidak mendengarkanku apa orang-orang ini pekak atau aku yang wujud tanpa bunyi? tapi aku tak bisu aku bicara pakai huruf dan bunyi seperti mereka seperti manusia mustahil mereka tak mendengarnya kalaupun, aku bisu mereka itu yang buta! aku telah menangis di tepi mereka dengan esak yang kuat sampai mataku menyala merah saga […]

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