Girl About Town

The girl about town, Sparkled under the moonlight, She went all around, With many men in a night. The girl about town, Had a lilting type of laugh, The kind that made men bow down, Though none she claimed as her other half. The girl about town, Fell in love by the hour, She made […]

Chatter in the Wind

There you are again, and again. Wasn’t yesterday a same reign? Your life’s a timeline, a status update. A ticking time-bomb never to explode. “I’m so hungry.” Cook! “I’m so bored.” read a book! What is with this unopened vault? This is not poetry, this is assault. Charge me for battery of mind, While you’re at […]

The Good Guy

Browlines There was this girlMade the hearts of many twirlshe loved the worldbut the world was cruel You could say she was carefulWe all know the world was harmfulShe took the world by the hornsalong the way never touched the thorns As time went by she wonderswhere are my comforting shoulders?She looked upon the starsand wondered […]

Today I Dance

Today I dance with misery,face down, I lay my face on the ground.Misery continues to spin me around.Today my heart whispered “undoubtedly”;I found myself pampered. The lonely scarab in my bones,I am lifted but I am not up. My fingers are lifeless.My brain, thoughtless,But I twirled, I danced. Excited, victorious.Shattered, lost.They were things I know,things I am introduced. […]

That Fine Line

There’s a fine line between childish antics and immaturity,And between smartness and wisdom, There’s always a fine line between dislike and hating,And between demeaning and honesty, There’s always a fine line between a failure and failing,And between sighing and complaining, There’s always a fine line between the similar things,There’s always that fine line to clarify […]

For You

For you Hello stranger,I went to the park today,I pulled my boots,And took a deep breath. I sat at the park bench,looking at the empty seat next to me. I wondered,Where you were, and how you’re doing.Funny how you’re walking, breathing, at this very moment.Funny how I have no idea who you are,But I already […]

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