Kamu Bukan Bintangku (1)

Cahaya Kesaksian Aku dan kaukita bintang.Cantik. Cerah. Gemilang. Tapi,kita bintang yang berbeza sirnanya.Akuhanyalah suatu bintang kecilsuhuku hanya merahbahkan sedetik saja gemilangnyajauh sekali menonjol dari jauh.Namun kaukau bintang yang besar lagi agamPutih kebiruan hangatmusehangat hatimu yang mulia.Siapalah akuyang kerdil serba serbibila dipadankan denganmuyang dikagumi?Aku sedar tempatku.Mungkin rasa inibukan dalam ruang kawalkutapi pilihan, aku kawal;dan aku, senyum […]

A Cup Of Coffee

Apis Hilton Inspired by Starbucks I had during the day that made me struggle to sleep during the night. — Having a cup of coffee, Over my friend’s story, It is so spooky, Made me wanna pee. After a cup of coffee, I am no longer sleepy, Try to do some activity, But I am too […]


Your stand and stance, rogue and bland. Laggard and distracted, we are all to blame. Chisel the knowledge in you, I found dusts of ignorance. What bliss are you after? inexpensively being anchored? Soft touch and wicked blows, you seem to not have cognisance. I must also remind myself, I too am the same. Avia […]

For You

I am running as fast as I couldbut these thoughts keep chasing methoughts of you—thoughts of us. I rest myself in bedthough my mind is in constant motionrevolving around you. Do you remember the first time we metyou  were walkingand I was waiting. Truth be toldI was nervous, skeptical evenwith a girl like you, who […]


My word, i should have told you.i want none of the segments,segments of yours, you call life.Recall my disgust, old friend.You took me for a fool..Nothing more, sadly nothing less.In my monologue is your epilogue,Should i stop, Breathe in easy?No, i cannot. No, i am not able,You exist in my very breath. Avia Pin 0

Faith in Fate

What do you seek?What are you looking for?You turned leftBut it turned rightYou drove forthIt went backwardsWhy it won’t be at the same line?Why aren’t we finding it,Even we have said “Mine, you are”You are always wishingThe one you’re with nowIs the sought soul mateDeep insideYou are always thinkingIs this is true?Learning the mistakes of […]

A good friend of mine

And I sayAll my days been wasted Not one that I went to bed I brought back something new I wonder how long will this last How many years And I’m still at the starting line With nowhere to go No I can’t stay here For another year Or I’ll be dragged away by The […]

After A While

After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul and you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and company doesn’t always mean security. And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises and you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and […]

Girl About Town

The girl about town, Sparkled under the moonlight, She went all around, With many men in a night. The girl about town, Had a lilting type of laugh, The kind that made men bow down, Though none she claimed as her other half. The girl about town, Fell in love by the hour, She made […]

Chatter in the Wind

There you are again, and again. Wasn’t yesterday a same reign? Your life’s a timeline, a status update. A ticking time-bomb never to explode. “I’m so hungry.” Cook! “I’m so bored.” read a book! What is with this unopened vault? This is not poetry, this is assault. Charge me for battery of mind, While you’re at […]

The Good Guy

Browlines There was this girlMade the hearts of many twirlshe loved the worldbut the world was cruel You could say she was carefulWe all know the world was harmfulShe took the world by the hornsalong the way never touched the thorns As time went by she wonderswhere are my comforting shoulders?She looked upon the starsand wondered […]

Today I Dance

Today I dance with misery,face down, I lay my face on the ground.Misery continues to spin me around.Today my heart whispered “undoubtedly”;I found myself pampered. The lonely scarab in my bones,I am lifted but I am not up. My fingers are lifeless.My brain, thoughtless,But I twirled, I danced. Excited, victorious.Shattered, lost.They were things I know,things I am introduced. […]

That Fine Line

There’s a fine line between childish antics and immaturity,And between smartness and wisdom, There’s always a fine line between dislike and hating,And between demeaning and honesty, There’s always a fine line between a failure and failing,And between sighing and complaining, There’s always a fine line between the similar things,There’s always that fine line to clarify […]

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