by AA Just another sunny day, Sitting here and think, How far this could be again? Did I choose the right path yet? Is this the path that I’ve always wanted? Sit still, Flashbacks come uninvited and hit the conscious mind like a heavy rain hitting the ground, Maybe it hurts to see the ground […]

Your Happiness Is Not Mine

by Alyssa Liana You find your happiness and you say this is my happiness, But I am happy here,I am happy with this,I’ve found it They say no, you’re not,happiness is not what you seethat’s a lie, and you believe them whole heartedly.But they don’t know because they haven’t found theirs or know what you […]

I am not a fuckable play thing

by Alyssa Liana I am not a small fuckable playthingyou are not allowed to touch mejust because you desire to,if my throat chokes on my fearand I cannot scream “no”I am so clearly communicatingwith my tense, shuddering, resistant way–don’t you dare pretend you don’t understandI want to set my skin on firejust to burn your […]


by Sara Elmira This is a story of 4 morons, Born with 4 different perspectives, Yet similar in a lyrical way. They were like a box of miscellaneous misjudged mischievous kids. Every moment they went through was a sweet agony. Petrified to lose each other, Because laughter pervades most of it, But you can’t persuade time, […]


by Syawalynn Zain When we’re trapped Surrounded by predators We sit and cry in despair Instead of stand up And think how to escape When we’re trapped In a chamber of darkness We sit silently in sorrow Instead of looking for the lights Whenever we are thrown Into a puzzling circumstance We always lost We thought […]


by Aly you are just tiredwhen you find it difficult to breatheyou suffocate. and you feel like squeezing your heartto let all the pain linger all overso that you feel the pleasureof having evenly distributed the ache. stuck throat. and as your chest aches,you feel like there is something stuckin the middle of your throatall the […]

When I Grow Up

Ain Nadirah Bukhri I had thrown the word carelesslyover the years when I was sixwhen mom wouldn’t let me eat ice creamSo I said, when I grow upI would eat all the ice cream in the world when I was tenwhen I see beggars begging for moneyI said, when I grow upI would give them […]

My Son

by Kushairy Masdi My son of the greenest earth Never be swayed by the wind But be open to changing For from the earths of amity Grow the seeds of harmony. My son of the reddest fire A playful friend, but dire foe By your burning passion, go Let none with water douse you Nor the […]

The Boy With A Million Stories

You have curiousity,You have audacity,this boy.. well this boy has stories.On and on, his lips repeatedly touched.He coloured minds and dyed souls.He believed in the worldhe believed in wordsgood and bad made irrelevanthis words were neutral,and his heart free for the thinkers,the emotionless, the lively, the brave,the scared, the scarred, and the traitors.Birth, death, unity, and […]


There are just too many times; That people have tried to look inside,Wondering what I think of you Too many times that I’ve held on, When I needed to push away.Afraid to say what was on my mind; Afraid to say what I needed to say.Maybe someday I’ll be just like you.And step on the hearts of people, like you […]


Silently working on healing her soul Odyssey so tough, though bitter it’s beautiful Finding pieces of a shattered puzzle Fond of a feeling – as light as the drizzle Initiating effort for His lofty blessings Yearning for calamity – the greatest gift to human beings A story of a maiden, so trivial yet amazing. kickthenik […]

Of Sunday, and Sunset

Esha Stella Can anyone see? I could hardly breathe To the sight of a sunset Showering hope in front of me And there flies, The perfect butterflies A glimpse of paradise Candy, to my eyes Oh how the beauty foresee Lucky, is the soul in me Feel the warmth & the energy It’s harnessing as meant […]

The Problems Of Life

Farouq A man walk towards the bright lightLighting a cigarette as he moved onThinking about his messed up lifeMistakes he made since he was born. The street was quiet and emptyThe night was filled with starsHis hands were very filthyHis body filled with deep scars He was a total mess outsideInside his heart kept on […]


Apis HiltonDedicated to my book collection. The cover looks pretty good,so does the content of the book,you’ll get everything if you willing to shoot,you get nothing with just a look. A book is such a wood,it is a place to find your food,it is a place to fix you mood,it could be your second neighborhood. A […]

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