Saving You

Eileen 07/10 1732 I like youAlways will doI hate seeing you drownIn shallow watersYou created by your own I needed to just pull you outThrow you a life jacketThrow a ropeFor you to grab Hold on tightAnd save yourself That is all that i wantEven if you swim awayThat might not guaranteeYour safety You might get […]

Of Coffee and Sleepless Night

by Shuperior Of coffee and sleepless night I amSpending time to look after youIn the middle of heavy rain and thunderstormsI kept on thinking about you. CoffeeBlack and richStrong and thickI could never forgetOf latte, macchiato, mocha and espressoWhich reminds me of you Old glory! Old glory!Paved street and long coatsI walked the path of usDrenched […]

Lending Ears

Ashie “Why do you listen to all these people?”The questions thrown my way goes more or less like that. I sometimes wonder why people care about who I lend my ears to. I listen to their stories because they need someone to vent out their feelings.It might not change my life, but it might affect […]

Equator Farm

Adam Slothface Carve your steak knives on our bones.Grind on our stiff tendons and ligaments.Hardened by the fruitless years of labourunder the scorching equator furnace.We dream that tide would wash upon our homes.And God had made usto fill your tables with parts of our meatwhile we’re scratching for worms out of the dirt. Lay your […]

Another Shine

Sara Qahar When she dimmed her lights, she could finally see that  he was there all along.  A love so pure and unconditional,  he made way and let her shine,  putting and holding all darkness behind her,  for her.  How could she not realized that before,  she wondered.  The path she was on was so […]

Last Night’s Poem

by Abraham Slothface I’ve felt much worse, but when I realised how long I’ve been staring at this blank white page without having my fingers moving, tapping on alphabets like it does before when I want it to, I saw a man who could say nothing but silence, slowly sinking into violent sea he called his […]


VT This I made for someone who had taught me what life is whenever I was with him, and I guess he forgot to teach me what is life whenever I’m without him. Labuan Island is the place where we met and share the joys and sadness together and funny how those things can change […]

Truth To Be Told

by Aqua Joon I always love that feeling of peace That perches when I enjoy the natures The clouds are so fluffy That I could imagine myself flying and hugging them Sometimes I even imagining myself eating the clouds Soft and sweet Touchable and huggable The nights are too beautiful, decorated with starry sky Star gazing […]


by nisaalimuddin We are like a mirror.We have so much similarity.We have so much memory;We are not just like a mirror. When I see your bare smileI feel your painsWhen I see your fake laughI feel your sorrows We are like a mirror’cause when I see youI see me. We are not just a mirror’cause when […]

Random Rant

by Nissa Zulkifli #1 Allow me a moment, So I can shed some tears, So I can throw some  laughter, So I may walk stronger. #2 I do not hope for you to understand, But if you do, My heart will be filled with content. I do not hope for you to understand, And because you […]


by AA Starting the day with a smile, Starting the relationship with a help, Then feeling join them, Felt uneasy when either one is not around, Reminiscing the moment, How far they have been through, Hold on with each other even in hard day, Believing each other even being left is certain, Faith grew stronger […]


by AA Just another sunny day, Sitting here and think, How far this could be again? Did I choose the right path yet? Is this the path that I’ve always wanted? Sit still, Flashbacks come uninvited and hit the conscious mind like a heavy rain hitting the ground, Maybe it hurts to see the ground […]

Your Happiness Is Not Mine

by Alyssa Liana You find your happiness and you say this is my happiness, But I am happy here,I am happy with this,I’ve found it They say no, you’re not,happiness is not what you seethat’s a lie, and you believe them whole heartedly.But they don’t know because they haven’t found theirs or know what you […]

I am not a fuckable play thing

by Alyssa Liana I am not a small fuckable playthingyou are not allowed to touch mejust because you desire to,if my throat chokes on my fearand I cannot scream “no”I am so clearly communicatingwith my tense, shuddering, resistant way–don’t you dare pretend you don’t understandI want to set my skin on firejust to burn your […]

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