And it was a pen

Let met tell you a story, of how pens meet, and created stories of untold values.   They thought of many, stories which see, endless lights of hope.   For those rays of glory, can strongly be felt, lighting hearts amany.   Then came a pencil, opposing those thoughts, terrorizing all values apart.   What […]

Bestowed upon you, lovebirds

Bestowed upon you, a perpetual love like the lovebirds Amaranthine until the death of your life Flowing freely in the blood Renascent each day without knowing when to stop Bestowed upon you, the love that never die Blessed by the Lord of the earth and sky Together you’ll flight, together you’ll fly Together you fight, […]


Iera Azmi Join me in a massacre of hearts deep crimson river filled with love and passion you threw into the abyss The longing years so alone waiting in tears to atone Such enigma seemed puerile and silly: You come in without a sound, giving such surreptitious glance she promised, to only take a glimpse, […]


Afiqah Yesterday I thought you were everything I needed, Today I realised all those thing was just something I made up. Tomorrow ill be writing I Love You again, Oh teach me the meaning of being sane. Since forever You’ve been here in my heart Not as a lover Not as a friend But a […]


Iera Azmi He slammed the door shut, As the tears fell beside his cheeks, He sat down on the bed, And kept weeping for her. For a few moments he choked, His hands shivered, His mouth shouted, His mind drifted, To the images of her. When they stood under the rain, And they said their heartfelt wish, to break […]

Broken Trust

Eileen Sadness filled her in Left her in the blank He crossed the fine line Nothing but fine she was She knew more than lies Pillars falling flat Trust and belief she had Crumpled in his hands Her heart scarred and slained Wanting to trust again Pin 0


Zet and what if it fades ,as if the love never existed , the feelings were not there ,only memories made ,you’ve lost it all . you’ve lost it all . letters by letters , photos and words ,left unspoken ,remain there in silent . lost in time , dull from shine ,hopes are gone ,dreams and throne […]


Kacang I act like I’m all brave & stuffs but deep down, I’m afraid. I have to act tough all the time in Lendu & it’s tiring.  I want to be able to go to someone & hug them when I feel like my world is crashing down. & they will just hug me tightly, […]

Yet, you called me heartless?

Izzarc Have you ever loved so much that it hurts? Have you ever longed for just one thing and got denied? Have you ever dreamed of something simple that it got way complicated? Have you ever cared too much but yet felt so lonely? Have you ever tried so hard but got nothing in return? […]

Boy, I hate you

Afiqah Isa I hate it when you make that sound everytime you imitate anything I say. I hate when you piss me off and then stare deeply in my eyes. I hate when you stop me from walking away eventhough you know I really don’t want to see your face. I hate when you point […]

I Wonder

Eileen Something that I believe in, fate is never accidental. November 5th 2014 What would i be doing Currently in the present If our paths didn’t intertwine If i hadn’t met someone so fine What would become of us If for your number I didn’t shamelessly ask And mingling with you I bravely did without a […]

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