Yet, you called me heartless?

Izzarc Have you ever loved so much that it hurts? Have you ever longed for just one thing and got denied? Have you ever dreamed of something simple that it got way complicated? Have you ever cared too much but yet felt so lonely? Have you ever tried so hard but got nothing in return? […]

Boy, I hate you

Afiqah Isa I hate it when you make that sound everytime you imitate anything I say. I hate when you piss me off and then stare deeply in my eyes. I hate when you stop me from walking away eventhough you know I really don’t want to see your face. I hate when you point […]

I Wonder

Eileen Something that I believe in, fate is never accidental. November 5th 2014 What would i be doing Currently in the present If our paths didn’t intertwine If i hadn’t met someone so fine What would become of us If for your number I didn’t shamelessly ask And mingling with you I bravely did without a […]


Nisa Alimuddin I fall for the same reasons, I fall for the same words, The same promises, The same eyes, And the same smile. And whenever you say “I Love you” Like always, I fall for that too Pin 0


Shuperior Don’t deny your opportunity to become much better than before.Life isn’t all laughter,Are you prepared for hereafter?Remember the times when you’re in calamity?It was God who reach out helping.God showed you the light.Why did you deny? Pin 0


Eileen (November 7th2014) In you i find interest In ways i can’t ever explain Every time my eyes decide to steal a glance The heart tickled instantly For the figure it fancied. In you i find pleasure In ways i can’t ever explain A chest of locked treasure You sure are not plain With you […]


Syawalynn Zain This loneliness is chasing my sanity away Why you and me so far away To be closer to you I don’t find any way To forever be with you I can’t find any way I’ll look for the way But you and me too far away My sanity’s going away Solitude making its […]

Cosmic Leap

Amin Ramlan Inspired by the movie “Interstellar” This old day is dying fast,with its fatal dusk approaching.Dare you look at the folding darkness? Fill your heart with a raging voidfor all the things you’ll leave behind.Will your sight turn from the distant gaze? Look past the blinding sun,but forget not your own shadow.Does your soul […]

1245, 26012013, love

Hmm one thing why i’ll never get over my regret is that i constantly assume things. i never know where the direction really went. whether it’s mutual or just an exaggeration on my part. and till now, when i really felt that i had move on but the truth is, it’s only what i want […]

A Book Of You

Ashie Sometimes I really wish for a book of you, because I can’t even read faces, let alone minds. (5thNovember 2014) I wish there was a book that I could flip through so I would understand you and your complicated beauty better. But no book can record all your temperamental thoughts. No depiction could fully […]


Afiqah Isa If you think you’re prettier than me, it is obvious. If you think you’re smarter than me, I am aware. If you think you get his attention more than me, you once did. If you think you understand him better, of course. If you think you guys are good together, you guys were. […]

We Are Pretenders

nisaalimuddin We pretend to be okayBy putting a big, fake smile for others to see We pretend to fit in the crowdBy agreeing on everything We pretend to be happyBy hiding all skeletons in the closet Sometimes, we pretend too muchThat we keep on losing our own self Sometimes,We pretend too muchThat, at the end of the […]

It’s Not My Fault

Eileen It’s not my faultThat I fell in loveWith the mostRevolting, troubled, deceivingMenacing, emotional, horrifyingHuman being on Earth It’s not my fault either That you could be the mostHeart-warming, hilarious, pleasingCaptivating, mind-boggling, amazingPerson there isAnd that’s why I  fell for youOut of all population on Earth Pin 0

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