You’ll be fine

that burning scars on your hand those aching feelings on your lips and that lingering cigarette smell- there are always those bits that will linger. but don’t let them get you again- those lingering memories, I mean hold your breath and smile- because you’ll be fine I promise. Pin 0


a few drops of tears and a bit too much- of nicotine she choked “this will help” she whispers while grasping her chest- in pain   slowly and slowly fell into sleep. Pin 2

Tangisan Itu Telah Terhenti

5/4/2016 1129H Beritakan aku tentang risalah-risalah yang lewat Ditendang tepi; ibaratnya seperti anjing gelandangan Dihenyak dengan sepucuk surat tidak berpenerima Hancing dengan hamis bertahun yang kering Dilepaskan di kantor dengan bangunan-bangunan tinggi Khabarkan pada mereka satu-persatu Epitaf-epitaf pada nisan tidak bertanda Berbagi tiap satunya pada batin entah siapa Mana nisannya diukir dari kayu jiwat yang […]

Last Stand

Cross your heart With a knife; but a blunt end Of rousing spectatorship Laughing along the beat of every bullet that hit As every soul that passed along Ran alongsie each other; to heaven Akin to those who watched Rain of blood watering the plains The knife that was once a weapon Herein declared by […]


Ada ketika perasaan ini begitu nyaman.. Ku tenung segala alam nyata ini, Tenung ku jauh bagai ke penjuru kuadran bima sakti… Lalu, Aku terpandang akan “Kekasih” yang berwajah serupa dengan-ku.. Dalam hembusan nafas, Aku berdiam.. Diam-ku ini menjadi “Daim”, Ada-nya “Daim” ini, Tersembunyi “Dia” nama “Kekasih” itu.. Pin 0

Stars and Satellites

When I was a child my father and I used to sit outside our home at night, and just gaze into the infinite skies. He puffed away his cigarettes and I, was just happy to be by his side. We had a routine every time, where we’d look up to the sky and try to […]


These sweet nothings you whispered; gave me intense pleasure drives my adrenaline crazy Yes, I’m getting high high on your love drown in the deepest ocean Yes, I’m losing grip This addiction you made me just like cocaine you’re the cocaine to my heart. Pin 2


These thorns you insert  Delicately in my heart  They break my veins  Until I am all stained with bloods  Tho I can no longer breath  These thorns you inserted  They are all yours  I will treasure them all  Everything yours  Tho I am all hurt inside. Pin 0

Our broken symphony

Go on and hate me I don’t need your affection To every agony of your existence Keep my heart drowning in despair I keep on questioning this epiphany Of holding on or letting go As these two options Will determine the sculpture of how my future would be I’ll say no to melancholy nights And […]

7 Jam

Zon masa memisahkan kita 7 jam; Ketika aku sudah memasuki hari esok, kau masih berada di hari semalam. Udara berbeza yang dihembus, Suhu berbeza yang kita rasa, apa khabarmu di Edinburgh? Pin 1

Destructive Thoughts

I have this thought Of you running away from the happiness that we built Heading our future to a split   I have this thought Of you giving up on every second that we spent as we lied to each other presence dragging the euphoria of your existence to leave this instance   I have […]

Dua Jiwa

Luluh, Egonya mulai runtuh, Detik yang berlalu bagai memanggil emosinya yang lalu, Hatinya sering dipersoal, apakah suram seperti hari hujan atau marah seperti terik panas?,   Memorinya lolos di susuk hati melabuhkan airmata, Bagaimana hatinya? Pin 2

who am i to deserve you

“who am i to deserve you”.  A question that i always ask myself when  i started to like someone.  So i end up building a concrete wall up high so that no one could ever break it in,  not even me. I guess im too insecured by the imperfections that i have. Pin 0

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