The Living Dead

Chasing what you fear, by living in death, there is no light to crawl into, When you held the spear so dear, and lose all your subliminal faith, your love only lasts for two. You crush the rose in your hand, bleeding red crimson fire, burning deep under your skin, As you are left a-strand, […]

3AM Reminder

Have you ever woken up at three in the morning? And you’re suddenly clutched by fear, From the thought that your time in this world is just slipping through your fingers like sand? From the thought that everything you ever loved will disappear?   And you think of your sins and wrongdoings as the silence […]


To the person who broke my heart; Know that you’re no longer a ring to my finger But a crack of glass of my morning coffee Just a matter of time till it breaks We are falling apart as if two different continents To the person who used to love me; I am no longer […]

Words of the Dead

I was moved yet again By the words of the dead The fallen; long ere gone But not forgotten For the vassal slain It endures; ever-lasting   And heed this fellow Men Rot you may once Death finds you Yet deeds and words and wisdom Live on long after And know that you are immortal […]


The night I decided to forget about you The stars were beautiful Almost as beautiful as you The way they glimmered in the sky And took my breath away reminded me of your smile The one I cant get out of my head The one I can never stop thinking about It’s you. Always you. […]


Kuat nya manusia itu Adakah ketika dia Mampu mengangkat beban berat Kuatnya seperti Badang?   Kuat nya manusia itu Adakah ketika dia mampu Menakluk satu dunia Hanya dengan kata-katanya?   Kuat nya manusia itu Apabila dia Masih mampu bangun walah dipijak Masih mampu bersabar walau dimaki Masih mampu tersenyum bila bersedih Masih mampu bergelak ketawa […]

Frozen in time.

I wish I’d never realised, because i wanted things to go on just like this. But, time keeps flowing. Even if they’re afraid, even if it’s painful, even if they can’t see ahead, still seeking something- They take one step after another, mustering the courage to go on. Inspiring each other, supporting each other, they […]

The one who took the plunge

Open your heart, they said. It would be magical they said.   I’m tired of people saying; Fall in love Make the move Take the risk Feel the butterflies Experience the fireworks   But no one warned be about heartbreak About being rejected Ignored Replaced Forgotten Being worthless Feeling that you’re not good enough   […]

saat yang pasti

Saat ini Aku masih duduk dan cekal menanti. Waktu itu Aku masih lagi merasa apa ertinya memiliki. Hakikatnya Kau bakal pergi jauh. Dan kau telah pergi. Kembali ke saat ini Aku masih disini. Pin 0

The one I buried

No matter how many   laughters raya celebrations emotional derivations therapy sessions   none   can ever change the fact that you are permanently gone   each time I pass by the cemetary I was brought back to the day I bury you, my pride, hero my joy and glory.   Pin 2

An Apologetic Letter To A. #Part1

Dear A, I’m sorry for always annoyed you with my clingyness. I’m sorry for always jumped into the conclusions rather than investigate the real truth. I’m sorry for always checked on you every single time. I’m sorry for always pushing you to have time for me, even if I know you’re busy. I’m sorry for […]

Sampai Waktu dan Ketika

Kita sudah sampai waktu dan ketika Untuk mengucap kata kata perpisahan Untuk melangkah kehadapan Menghadapi kehidupan nyata alam dewasa Untuk menggapai impian impian Yang tinggi di seluruh ruang angkasaraya Terbang dari hujung dunia Ke hujung dunia Kita wajar Mencipta memori indah Buat hari hari tua Tulus ikhlas tali persahabatan kita bina Atas nama cinta Bukan […]

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