Dark bleak night Where sad beats thumps Piece of mouth running All alone   Though he is running alone He isn’t in his naïve land Together with her Whom hold piece of his heart   It was all colourful and beautiful While it is actually dim and dull Later on, He stopped Knowing that this […]

Hey, are you the one?

Hey, are you the one? Because I’ve been longing so long for this I must say it’s hard to find you Since i don’t do half asses too Once I’m in, I’m all in Hey, I think you are the one The jiggling smile of yours The craziness that bursts with your laughter Your screwy […]

Things I Don’t Tell You

Things I don’t tell you My love and devotion Between words spoken  Of my anxieties and worries You take lightly.   My fears and doubts Of a future  In an island isolated  Dark without your presence  And darker with just mine alone. Pin 0


Sahabat… Jikalau kau benar memahami erti sahabat Hormatilah aku Hargailah keputusan aku Sahabat… Jika kau mendalami erti sahabat Kau tak akan rosakkan kebahagiaan aku Kau tak akan rosakkan kebahagiaan keluarga aku Kau tak akan hilang dan diamkan diri ketika aku susah Sahabat… Apa ertinya sahabat jikalau kau tidak menghayatinya Apa ertinya sahabat jikalau kau tidak […]

where you exist

I see you in the carefree dance of the dandelions, the swift, staccato crisps in somnambulant steps, the pas de bourrées in afternoon breeze. I find you in minute droplets beneath the surface, shrinking and swelling heat thawing rocks open, angry in their wake. I hear you in the waltz of stars aligning, the deafening […]


Mind were preoccupied, As the things lingered were unnecessary, Eyes were red and puffed, As tears were shed constantly, Hearts were wounded, As it was shattered to pieces recently, Throat were filled with fiery and raged, As it couldnt make any sound Pin 0

Disebalik Pintu

Ketuk-ketuk. Aku hiraukan. Dia datang setahun sekali biasanya. Tapi kali ni special Kali yang ketiga buat minggu ini   Ketuk-ketuk Dia panggil lagi Aku menyorok bawah selimut Tak mahu berdepan dengan raksasa yang aku cukup kenal sejak sekolah agama lagi   Ketuk-ketuk Kali ni lebih kuat Ustazah cakap kalau Iman kuat takperlu takut Tapi Iman […]

Cry for coffee

Sometimes, a cry for coffee shouldn’t be taken lightly, When someone says “I need coffee”, not because he or she is simply thirsty.   Far from feeling glee, Especially when it is a daily plea.   SEE… The drinkers are trying to convey that they are sleepy, because they couldn’t sleep properly, because their minds […]

Calm waters promise nothing

I’ve known these winds these shifting sounds.   The way they flow with tipping toes then run towards hurricanes, then meet the calm river; Until the stagnant reflection shows itself a ripple of everything undone   The epilogue runs slow on its vowels, escaping consonants to drag on slower, to maybe pretend, for a while, […]


I have learnt to speak less about you I can’t even remember the last time I said your name out loud Or telling of how sad I am now that you’re not around It is the mind that is harder to trick I can’t help thinking of you everyday when I’m having a cup of […]


Reach out to me I want to sleep with a voice in my head Pick it up I want to sleep with a voice in my head Find my name in the list I want to sleep with a voice in my head Push those numbers I want to sleep with a voice in my […]

Devil In Disguise

The door creaks It was you, again Creeping silently in the darkness Hunting for the flesh Of a pristine soul A silhouette That made a soul, quiver in fear Crashing to the ground In misery and agony What a sham Concealing the misdeed With a mask of a saint If only people knew What kind […]


It is so easy to like you With every breath Every smile Every hello Even when you stare and your eyes were empty Even when you’re in a bad mood and the day felt longer Even when you stopped and never look back I still like you Pin 1


I am short of height of breath and, hope – no matter how high I hop. So don’t worry I won’t be long As I don’t belong in this world of yours, where I had been lost till I lost the sense of belonging. But.. Never mind. I don’t mind. You too now are no […]

I didn’t save us

This could’ve been easy   if I just apologise for none of my mistake   if I forgive  without you being sorry   if I beg one more time  even after you pushed me away   because by then you must’ve stayed here with me though your heart doesn’t    but then I chose  to […]

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