[TW] Still

Do you remember last year, When I prayed for death, I kept saying without fear, To give me your wrath? I’m alive still though not sure why, But I’m barely living a good life, I wonder still when will I die, More often than I wonder if I’ll be a wife. You see I’m not […]

If it’s delusional

Let it through Those thoughts For countless thought I let it through Love which has no mean Unless you let it in May the night be full of illusion Created by the loneliness of heart If it’s delusional Is it wrong? For a moment Happiness is ought to occur She may feel Full of embarrassment […]

Joke on me

Hid behind those smiles Though heart has never stop aching Knowing they are trying to make it feel better My heart is still hurt When I thought it will stop Days keep on coming Like it has no sign of ‘the end’ Will it end? These days I rarely saw you Maybe it is for […]

I don’t love you

Days passed by Like it usually be With the same wonder Hiding under the laughter Will I be alright? It’s killing me Slowly I smile again like I did yesterday I see you from behind You found your different path Maybe it is for the best We used to be in love The memories of […]

Berlari dalam kotak insaniti

Aku bukanlah seorang penulis. Hanyalah seorang wanita yang ingin didengari, waima selalu menyendiri, seperti radio yang bunyinya bagai menunggu hari. Aku disini bukanlah untuk menceritakan soal pilunya hati disakiti kekasih ‘sejati’. Kerana bagiku, pilu itu semua kisah dulu, kisah lalu, yang cuma buat diriku haru dan biru. Kisah hari ini, adalah kisah sepi. Sepi seorang […]

Cheer Up

Cheer Up   When you want to give up Always look up Make better make up As you grow up Remember to cheer up Before you back up   When time count up As  you speed up Always cheer up And all suit up Before you follow up Life is nothing but a mix up […]

Love – Real Talk

Ever since little we’ve been bombarded about stories of Disney’s princess and the tale of Romeo and Juliet; Of how love is this great energy, force, or power that transcends all thing we can understand. Of how we should spend our lives searching for this gift we’ve born to find; Only to realise real world […]

Calm down little heart

Calm down little heart For everything that you’re scared as of now, Calm down little heart. For everything that makes you anxious every moment every day, Calm down little heart. For the nights that you thought would never end, For everything that you feel like burning inside, For the storm that you know will one […]

Read upside down

Because your eyes were pool of lies, Yet somehow I got hypnotized, “Don’t trust those eyes!” They tried to give me advice, But oh, how time flies, I had a brokenheart once or twice, And only God knows how I tried to survive, I was dead inside but looked alive, I moved on and left […]

No longer number 1

When you’re no longer no.1. Even when you constantly standing at the front, When you’re no longer have something, And realize that you can’t afford to have nothing, When you’re no longer able to live, Let alone able to breathe, When you’re no longer admired, Don’t even think about being desired, When you’re no longer […]


Will I be devoured– By another one of you? Or will I be powered– By hatred of feeling blue? In this stillness of moving time, They say you’re just like any other, Fate has not committed any crime, To this worsening weather. But it is you, you are the fault, Because you, you are the […]

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