Heboh Doh!

Oii manusia bongkak kalau pikir tu gunakan otak sibuk menyibuk diri sendiri kejarkan dunia hati diperkosa hawa nafsu tamak haloba yang mahukan semua yang memberi tiada sibuk mencari teman onani ikutkan hati responsibility tolak ke tepi tapi kan. tapi kan Buat apa nak marah dah la panas dah kata khatulistiwa biarkan saja kenangkan apa Hati […]

First Date Poem

Wise men say, only fools rush in But I can’t help, falling in love with you. If only fools rush in, then call me an idiot. But I swear, falling for you two days after a messy breakup was the smartest decision I had ever made. We met online And going out with you that […]

Question Marks

1. I wonder, how many smiles have you forced Just to avoid spitting my name out of your mouth? Like raisins from a cookie you thought was chocolate chip. You bit off a huge part of me and now you can’t swallow, I sit on the bitter palate of your tongue- you wish you never […]

tulisan jiwa

lewat kata seorang pembaca tertarik pada tulisan, lewat cinta perempuan terpikat kepada lelaki, lewat tulisan mu aku jatuh hati dengan engkau. aku disini kerna cinta, nurani ku damai bila bersama mu, tanpa perlu ku ucap engkau sudah mengerti, mungkin kerna lantunan bahasa kita sama. kau luluhkan jiwa ku dengan puisi mu, sampai detak hatiku bisa […]

The one who holds the answer

I have been asked countless of times; “How can you write so beautifully about experiences you have never gone through?” With a smile on my face I turned to you, pointing my finger towards you. It was you, who gave me the initial idea of all my writings. It was you, who gave me feelings […]


you took my heart and crushed it, grinded it on the floor without mercy. and i ever so stupidly took yours  and kept it safe with me. i still remember the days and nights, they went by in a matter of moments. the laughs and tears we had all these years, they weren’t real. and […]

On Not Being Free

We can all agree that in the movies that we so often see, especially those that are of the action genre, that the strongest protagonist/hero would be the one who doesn’t love anyone, for then the villain could not take anything away from him. But such are the movies that the hero in most of […]

Temporary Best Friend

Do you remember when we first met? At the futsal court which used for orientation? Sitting at the front front line? Do you remember? fortunately that time we got the same class and yeah we were excited like nothing can separate us. then we became best friends. At first we have three of us, then […]

The one who will fall in love again

Don’t you dare say that I was the love of your life. Don’t be too confident that I will change my mind and come running back to you. Nothing will be like it used to be and no matter how hard we try to fix things, it just won’t work.   You will, I repeat, […]

The ones who thought they knew what love is

Love is something tragic Love is utter magic   Love is a blinding form of tortures Love is an explosion form of pleasures   Love is realizing no matter what we do it’s never worth it Love is knowing no matter what happens, we could work it   Love is sleepless nights weeping, crying over […]

That Night

So that night in your car – You were playing with my hand. For some reason, you liked doing this. I don’t know why. You just do I guess. I’ve always allowed you to, anyway. I don’t mind. “That’s the thing about being good with words” You lay your palm on mine, your fingers slightly […]

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