Here Goes Nothing

Nobody wants to hear this So, I keep it all in When the time comes around every now and then I combust not in flames, but in streams Streams of salt, heat and pain   “Don’t be too serious Just let it out Don’t overthink You’ll feel better” I laugh along But inside, I cry […]


Mama said I didn’t arrive on time, She claimed 12 days late, Ever since that day, I try to be punctual; Doctor said I shouldn’t be alive, He thought I could have drown, Ever since that day, I am afraid of water; Papa said “You are 12 years old already”, He urged It’s time to […]


You look so calm outside. So beautiful. But deep inside who knows…   “Go ahead and end my misery”, You said to me. Maybe it’s a joke but, Are you in pain? If so, talk to me. Let me know your pain. Let me feel your pain. Let me be a part of your pain. Let me […]


–Before dawn I’m awake finding food to eat yeah, fasting in this holy Ramadhan.   Happy- it’s already Ramadhan Raya will come sooner Hope so soon. It will come. it will–   Realizing i’m not at home away from family fasting at the college, kills me.   Lectures Tutorials Task. Pink shirt lecturer Big voice; […]

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