Here Goes Nothing

Nobody wants to hear this So, I keep it all in When the time comes around every now and then I combust not in flames, but in streams Streams of salt, heat and pain   “Don’t be too serious Just let it out Don’t overthink You’ll feel better” I laugh along But inside, I cry […]


Mama said I didn’t arrive on time, She claimed 12 days late, Ever since that day, I try to be punctual; Doctor said I shouldn’t be alive, He thought I could have drown, Ever since that day, I am afraid of water; Papa said “You are 12 years old already”, He urged It’s time to […]


You look so calm outside. So beautiful. But deep inside who knows…   “Go ahead and end my misery”, You said to me. Maybe it’s a joke but, Are you in pain? If so, talk to me. Let me know your pain. Let me feel your pain. Let me be a part of your pain. Let me […]

In An Attempt To Write A Conclusion

I’ve been writing a lot lately. Although I held on stronger to music as my creative ability of enjoyment, I’ve been writing for as long as I could remember. I’ve been writing like it’s how I respire. I’ve been writing a spill of oceans of whatever that was going on in my mind, and I’ve been writing […]

#MurderSpree; Day One.

When the clock chimed at midnight, the girl decided to die. She did died. The last half day of her life, she walked around town, looking for some reasons to live. She asked herself, should I wear a dress, for the last time? She wore the prettiest dress she have, put on the nicest heels she […]


This is probably not ideal dream that you’d wished before sleeping. Scene 1 It was raining like always. The curtains dances from the cold midnight breeze. And there she sat across from me; a silhouette that’s very familiar even to my shortsighted corneas. Her long straight hair shines under the 60W Phillips energy saving bulb. […]


“Don’t move, okay?” Her heartbeat drummed steadily, and she took a shaky breath to steady the deafening low pulse in her ears. Blood pounded mercilessly in her eardrums, enclosing her in nothing but a state of rhythmic silence. Contributing to silent noise was the air conditioner, drafting a gust of cool air that ghosted along […]

my nights

Its 1am And you’re lying in your comfy bed, staring blankly at the ceiling fan, trying to get some good night sleep. But nights before, you’ve been staying up late. You don’t know what to do, so you pick up your phone and start scrolling through twitter and instagram. It was dark in your room, […]


I fall in love a little too easily. I get attached too easily. Attached to even just a place that I’m just visiting, or someone I just met. Sometime before I was born, or somewhere along the time while I was growing up, this particular trait of mine started to encode into my genes and […]

The Same Way You Do

There is a certain kind of sadness that surrounds her; not the overwhelming type that spills over in tears or the kind you could identify with one look into her stunningly brown eyes. No, it was more in the way she carried herself, and the manner in which she would look away and smile without […]

Ask For More

Her feet dragged back and forth in the snow, mixing the pure white with the frozen sand underneath into a dirty brown mess. She couldn’t care any less about the snow that had leeched through the laces of her Converses and soaked the white athletic socks underneath. Even the cold that turned her skin into […]

I choose you

She was my legendary pokemon because she was special there’s no one like ber.Sure she’s not as sweet as that jigglypuff or as preety as celebi but hell she was mine.I didn’t use a master ball to catch her because there’s no finesse or style you just chuck it and it’s yours,I know that’s not […]

Broken Eggs

Go to the shop get a carton of large eggs, they come in 6 packs. Halal sixpacks lol   Get a stick of butter, oh wait this is malaysia we dont got that here, we get like slabs coz we fat lovers.   go home go back to the shop you forgot salt sugar and […]

the kind of tired sleep won’t fix

So I welcome heartbreak like a childhood friend but even then it doesn’t dampen the hurt. I guess you never really grow accustomed to it – you just kinda get tired of fighting or trying to fix yourself so you just let it be. Call it giving up but I’m exhausted. My heart is exhausted. […]

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