Am I normal?

21 years of living, Never once have I ever given my heart to a guy, They said oh jual mahal, oh sombong, Little do they know… The first man my idol gave her heart to, Gave her a family and a home in return, Why would i give my heart to a random man, Who […]

The Last Goodbye

  You left us that night. Exactly at 1 am. And I’ve arrived just where you were at 1.10 am. Didn’t make it to your last moment. Didn’t get to say my last goodbye. Didn’t get to ask for forgiveness.   And Ive been carrying that heavy feeling since then. All the fights and all […]

We failed

We fell for each other almost instantaneously. It was too quick. We were never friends. We never wanted to know each other. We let our eyes and hormones take control. We comfortably overlooked the red flags. We romanticized the idea of love at first sight. We failed. I didn’t open up to you. I never […]


It was quiet. From where I’m sitting, I could see the big round moon and the stars shine bright around it. It was midnight. I was so lost in my own thoughts. Not sure why but it felt right for me to dwell in my own feelings. There were too many in my head, too […]

dancing feet

maybe they’re right but what is the truth? if i meant to be unhappy i may need to learn to spell it out loud U.N.H.A.P.P.Y spell it out loud let my feet dance to the alphabet to the melodies of my fate i dont want to get across i just want to keep swimming in […]


Sayang. Yang tak pernah sanggup untukku ungkapkan, walaupun setelah “kita” berakhir. Dan sekarang aku makin sedar, sesungguhnya tidak pernah ada “kita”. Yang ada hanyalah aku, aku dan rasaku. Rasa yang mungkin sebenarnya dicipta oleh diriku sendiri dan diberikan pula kepada diriku sendiri. Kau tak pernah bersalah menurutku, yang bersalah hanyalah aku. Aku dan kebodohanku. Yang […]


Cuba untuk move on tetapi xboleh..cuba nak bercakap heart-to-heart dgn dia,tapi seolah-olah dia bukan orang yang aku kenali. Tutur katanya tiada perasaan,kosong..sama macam hatinya pada aku. Tiada sekelumit benci aku padanya atas apa yg terjadi. Masih lagi mencari sebab kenapa ini terjadi. Tuhan pun tidak mahu menolongku. Kadang2 aku risau juga atas diri sendiri,sudah berbulan2 […]

The Ukulele

It was dark brown and rugged, Light reflected on it as it was well-polished, 4 strings was enough to make me drift away, Every time you strummed the strings, The melody it made, sent me to the stars up there, But when you started to sing, Your voice, Sent me way back in time, To […]

oh you

Oh you I fell in love with your smile Your eyes are smiling too Don’t you know that I love that kind of guy?   Oh you Your heart is too kind You have to stand up for yourself too Cause I won’t be here all day long   Oh you Your words are sometimes […]


View your mind as a garden. A garden you should nourish and guard. Where you plant the most beautiful flowers you can find. Be the best you you can ever be. Take out the bad weeds so it doesn’t infest your wonderful garden. One bad is all it takes to corrupt you. And please, take […]


I wouldn’t want to need someone. But I do need you, not to fill the void of my existential loneliness. I need you for me to go forward, I’m not dependent. But it’s nice to have you beside me. We walk the same pace. Some days I get left behind and you’d wait for me. […]

The One

Do you ever just sit down and think about what you want? That you had to put your ego away to be at peace with whatever thought comes in mind. To be brave enough to find out what’s bothering your empty, fragile heart. Used all the hope you have left to find that one piece […]

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