Why? (faith in You)

You know how when in middle school, you think your friend is lying so you ask, “Sumpah, demi Allah?” And they would say, “Tak baik sumpah-sumpah ni lah”   I guess that’s the case with you and I. I swore to God, you were different. I swore to Him, you’d never do the same as the […]


this feeling i didnt ask for really disturbing me every second and hour while him.. doesnt know anything and owe me nothing coz he.. is not responsible for it it sucks         Pin 0

The Bookshelf In the Room

By the shelf, She could see that there’s no one else, Except for her in the room, just watching the night gloom. The moonlight shines through her window, She wonders where he went, time is running slow and every day just seems so mellow. Where is the chaos? Where are the fights? Why is everything […]


I’ve made so many mistakes over the years, regretted so many things. Wished I could have went back in time, wished I could have done things differently. That feeling always shook me to my core, but, lately I’ve been thinking things in a completely new perspective for me. I am grateful for the mistakes that […]

Tidak Kuduga Cintamu: Prolog

“…BERSAKSIKAN Ajwad, pada waktu ini, detik ini, aku lepaskan kau. Mulai sekarang, kau bukan lagi isteri aku!” “Afiq…” Kakinya yang dipegang erat oleh Syafiella direntap sekuat hati menyebabkan gadis itu jatuh terjelopok. Air mata semakin laju mengalir. Dia mematungkan dirinya di situ. Terasa separuh jiwanya bagai disedut keluar daripada jasad. Ajwad hanya melihat sambil tersenyum […]

All Alone

“‘what don’ kill us, makes us stronger’… A JOKE. What don’ kill us… Eats us ALIVE. Body… And soul.” – Batman Damned   We hurt. And pain the only thing we share. Life is so unpredictable. Never know what’s coming… Some days are just bad days. At some point, we’re missing pieces of ourselves. Only […]

Confusing signs

I never thought, one day I will fall for someone this hard? and the sad thing is, I fell for the wrong person. you are arrogant, narcissistic, egoistic and all the bad personalities, but I keep reminding myself all your good traits instead. All my friends asked me to stay away from you, even my […]

You think so little of me

I appreciate every little effort you put on me. From the time we had spent together, till money you had wasted on me. Thank you for all the things you had bought. I cherished every each of it. I still keep the watch and ring nicely in their box. The shoes you bought for me, […]

Mantra : Fuck it !

Bicara tentang kau, all I need is to recall back the weekend we’d spent together. You came all the way from Damansara via train just to ride the same train with me. 2 hari sebelum, i did asked if you will wear shirt for our next outing but knowing you – I know that you […]


Hey there  Temporary man. You came just in time; not too early nor too late. Not too fancy with words, not to hard in gaining attention. As simple as it may sound, that is exactly how you slipped into my world. I’ll call you TM for now, short form for Temporary Man. When you came […]

dear ex best friend.

dear ex best friend, “why, why, why?” “what did i do?” “why did she cut me off?” these thoughts often run through my mind like a shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) everytime i see your face, your tweets or even the slightest mention of your name. it doesn’t just run through my mind once, sometimes twice, […]

Adults are a mess too

I used to think that adults were better. Much more powerful, stronger and reliable. I used to think that they were perfect. Always right hence why they wouldn’t understand our feelings. When we were young we were emotional and full of anger. We thought that the world owed us. We held grudge for no reason. […]

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