Sering kali kita diyakinkan menangis itu sikap orang yang lemah. Benarkah? Jika benar maka pastinya menangis itu tidak digalakkan di dalam Islam. Tapi, pernah kah kita berjumpa ayat atau larangan dalam Islam yang melarang kita menangis? Tidak bukan? Islam sememangnya mengajar kita agar tidak menjadi lemah. Hatta, sebagai perempuan yang diakui fitrahnya lebih lembut dari […]

I am here now.

“We accept the love we think we deserve” I never understand what it truly mean back then, yet I romanticise this quote a lot. Only now I began to understand what it means. It’s sad and full of toxic. Why do we do this to ourselves? Nobody deserve to feel this way. To my younger […]

There’s Something In The Wind

she sat on her bed, staring out the windows of her room. the wind was blowing hard that day and the leaves were rustling wild. she listened to the sound of the wind, calling out to her, almost sounding like a ghost. wailing for her to come close. it felt as if she was pulled […]


Since I turned 24 recently (not too late to wish me a happy birthday), I have had multiple episodes of existential crisis. I kept asking myself if I am living my best life, if I am behaving towards my truest self in achieving my biggest potential. I started analysing my past, calculated my near and […]

“let the kid cry”

Humans are one with emotions Emotions exist for us to feel We can’t really separate those two You see, it will be a catastrophic Because Imagine feeling sad but aren’t able to cry Imagine feeling loved but aren’t able to love Imagine feeling everything all at once but aren’t able to actually…. feel… Imagine being […]

Rindu – Unknown

    The feeling of missing someone. Far away. Untouchable. Is deadly.   I longed for that warm hands to caress mine. And that eye gaze looking at me, Lovingly, Warming up my cold cold night, I miss you, Is what I wish to say.   Rindu. Rindu to see you smile can’t be kept […]

A Joke

So I guess I’m just a joke for you, that you can use whenever you want, that you can call lame and irrelevant, that you’ll always take for granted, it does make sense now, that I’m just a joke for you, and later, this joke will no longer suits you. Let it go, let me […]


Promises after promises, I’m tired of promises. People say “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”, you make promises you’re not even sure where it’ll lead. Day by day, everything seems to be clearer and I pray that this heart will get better. Your words are always so dangerous, it sounded safe and sound to my […]

Kau yang Tak Lagi Terpaksakan untuk Kulupakan.

Waktu adalah ubat yang paling mujarab dalam menyembuh luka. Namun, seperti ubat, saat ubat dikenakan pada luka tersebut, rasa pedih dan perihnya memuncak, menyengat hingga ke pangkal otak. Sakit, sampai terjerit-jerit. Menghentak-hentak ke dinding. Menahan tangis. Kadang, sampai tergigit-gigit bibir sendiri. Walau sakitnya tak tertahan, tetap ubatnya dikenakan. Supaya lekas sembuh. Sembuh sebaik-baiknya, diharapkan. Namun, […]

Glass Slippers (Glass Heart)

Everyone knows Cinderella, an ordinary girl, with a heart too pure for this world. Do you remember, Fairy Godmother cast a spell on her stepfamily? For the sake of her being unrecognisable at the ball, for who she really is. All she wanted was to be a princess for the night. Everybody including the prince, […]

Why? (faith in You)

You know how when in middle school, you think your friend is lying so you ask, “Sumpah, demi Allah?” And they would say, “Tak baik sumpah-sumpah ni lah”   I guess that’s the case with you and I. I swore to God, you were different. I swore to Him, you’d never do the same as the […]


this feeling i didnt ask for really disturbing me every second and hour while him.. doesnt know anything and owe me nothing coz he.. is not responsible for it it sucks         Pin 0

The Bookshelf In the Room

By the shelf, She could see that there’s no one else, Except for her in the room, just watching the night gloom. The moonlight shines through her window, She wonders where he went, time is running slow and every day just seems so mellow. Where is the chaos? Where are the fights? Why is everything […]


I’ve made so many mistakes over the years, regretted so many things. Wished I could have went back in time, wished I could have done things differently. That feeling always shook me to my core, but, lately I’ve been thinking things in a completely new perspective for me. I am grateful for the mistakes that […]

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