I wouldn’t want to need someone. But I do need you, not to fill the void of my existential loneliness. I need you for me to go forward, I’m not dependent. But it’s nice to have you beside me. We walk the same pace. Some days I get left behind and you’d wait for me. […]

The One

Do you ever just sit down and think about what you want? That you had to put your ego away to be at peace with whatever thought comes in mind. To be brave enough to find out what’s bothering your empty, fragile heart. Used all the hope you have left to find that one piece […]

I’m not one of your fans

Your glare, your gaze, your mysterious face. You’re so transparent, I could read you like a book. A children story book. It was fun at the beginning, I kept reading the book, and read and read the next page. It’s like I could expect the ending of it. I read and continue to read. At some point, I was […]

She Is A Masterpiece.

A woman isn’t defined as beautiful and feminine with  How she enjoys wearing sneakers Instead of high heels How she doesn’t love wearing a dress Like she did with a hoodie and jeans But How she does everything with kindness With a heart of gold, now that’s authentic  How she live her life independently Is […]

random di pagi hari

Dingin syahdu  terasa di pagi hari Dan aku di sini berpeluk tubuh menahan sejuk Terlihatlah di sana anak-anak bangsa Bergelak tawa bersama teman Tidak langsung memikir hal yang kemudian   Alangkah indah kehidupan Jika setiap mimpi menjadi realiti Tapi, tiadalah manis dan pahitnya nanti Kehidupan memang begitu Seperti masakan melayu Cukup rempah ratus   Pin […]

Penghujung Jalan

Aku tunggu dipenghujung jalan lah macam tu. Ala, dipersimpangan tu, takkan taktau? Aku taknak disini lama-lama.  Kalau orang lain nampak, mesti ingat aku takda duit nak beli kereta. Tak cukup sen nak naik bas. Tak cukup data nak buka grab. Tak cukup kaki nak naik LRT.   Jadi aku tunggu dipenghujung jalan lah kalau macam […]

Welcome Back, Baby!

“You know, I’ve been thinking about you from 3 years ago until now”, said Maria to him. She gave him a beautiful smile. The guy smiled awkwardly, because it had been 3 years they had been in long distance relationship. Eventhough he felt that way, but his butterfly always flying around in his stomach whenever […]

Kalau aku pergi dulu

Setiap hari lepas pulang dari kerja,kembali kepada rasa sedih..hiba yang xterkata..pulang kepada kesedihan..tanpa kamu disis aku.. Mungkin aku xpernah mengerti sisi rapuh hidupmu Maafkan aku kerana tidak pernah membuatmu merasa cukup Andai aku pergi dulu,izinkan aku memberitahumu tiada yang terindah selain kamu. Kamu cukup untuk aku. Kamu sempurna untuk dunia aku. Izinkan tuhan menjagamu,walaupun kamu […]


Tidaklah yang segalanya sulit itu akan berkekalan dan Tidaklah juga yang terlukis bahagia itu akan berkekalan   Hidup ini tidak akan pernah adil Lantiklah sejawatan mana hakim pun Kehidupan akan sentiasa haru   Cumanya kita   Kita sahaja yang berhak mengatur kembali langkah-langkah hayat Agar di hujungnya, dapatlah senyuman itu terukir         […]


numbers. i once craved the attention of many, being thought by many made me feel content. but as i grew, i realised how materialistic and how caring about numbers were a waste of time. i now don’t care about the numbers. i’ve made changes that i am content with. Pin 0

The Kitchen as a Sanctuary

It really did feel like he was coming home. This is the kind of poetry I could never write. I have no correct grammar, no confabulation, none enough to grab hold of this condition. It really felt like he was coming home. But since then, since that year, and that missed opportunity, it didn’t bother […]

is it hard?

love, why do i feel we are more distant now? why do i feel we are not being honest now? love, is it because the pressure you received by someone that is clingy, and needy which is me? love, is it because we’ve shared too many things that together we almost exist but no longer […]

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