My Demons Speak In

Demons don’t speak latin Not anymore they speak in Text, through fine print and legalities the devil hides behind coordinated weaponized poetry and if you can’t find it It finds you Demons don’t speak latin They speak in memories making it hard for us to look back with every turn it gets harder for us […]

What Is Spoken Word Poetry In Malaysia?

What Is Spoken Word Poetry In Malaysia? Spoken Word Poetry Malaysia Spoken Word Poetry Malaysia. The Spoken Word Poetry scene is coming to Malaysia by storm but it remains unnamed and unidentified. Spoken Word Poetry in Malaysia has been in the works for quite some time. Open mics are becoming commonplace. Every other week there’s […]

If That is the Only Way

Few months not talking to each other, today i realized that I still like you. Maybe it doesn’t feel as strong as the way i liked you before but it is enough for me to always feel that you are still there for me. You came into my dream last night. Twice. In that dream […]

Letters that I won’t sent

dear DA, How’s life?? I hope you’re doing fine right now… I followed you on instagram recently, just to see how well you’ve been, and what’s you’ve been doing all of this time… and it makes me feel relieved that you’re doing just fine, you look much better than the last time I saw you, […]

No longer mine

How I wish I can turn back time, and meet you again in this life, How I wish I can turn back time, And showered you with all the love that you deserve, again… I just want to go back, To the past 6 yeard again, So that I can fix everything, So that I […]

letters to Jane #4

dear Jane, I’ve heard things aren’t really going well for you lately. Going through what you go through isn’t easy for anyone. People and their remarks, they never seem to come to a fullstop. They always have words they want to throw at you. But always remember you are the better person. To speak up […]

how i wish

its a one-sided love at first sight… as i gaze at yours impeccable look through a reflection, i feel this peculiar feeling. Oh how i wish i can sing man bai’s song to you at that time because you inspire me.. &i wish i can steal that particular moment to make it a remedy through […]

To my animal friends

Dear friends, Since I started doing this full-time last year, I feel like it has always been a one-way affair. We don’t know each other, I doubt you guys understand what am I saying now, but you know that we know we have the power to change this. During my orientation week, I almost cried […]

I’m Afraid

It felt like you know a lot about me. Feels like you don’t. Maybe you do not know the details, But you do know how I feels. Part of me thinking that I should tell you everything, Part of me are afraid you’d run away. Well, who doesn’t? I would too if I were you. […]

The Epitome of My Break Free

—It’s 7 am in the morning. The rain just stops pouring. Im getting ready for a run. It’s a holy day I call it today. Why? Cause this doesn’t happen often, me waking up this early and getting ready for a morning run. I eat my breakfast quickly and grab my phones with earphones hanging […]

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