Terima Kasih Sayang

Hi Sayang!   Bagaimana khabarmu? Apa kamu sihat? Bagaimana pula dengan isi hatimu? Masih seperti selalu? Atau.. Sudah menghilang. Seperti hilangnya embun di awal pagi. Apa mungkin seperti hilangnya mentari setelah munculnya senja malam, Mungkin juga seperti hilangnya cahaya rembulan karena turunnya hujan. Apa pun ia, aku harap kamu terus bahagia.   Ini cerita aku […]

False Alarm

You were good to me, in fact, too good that I read you wrongly.   Your words were seeds that grew flowers in me. But flowers have thorns and left me too bleed.   Your honesty soothes me. Felt like I was trustworthy to dive into your sea. Too deep I go, that I can […]

Living with insanity

My brother is a paranoid schizophrenic. He constantly thinks that people are listening in to our(the family) conversations, that people are sending curses to us, he thinks he’s god, he puts salt all over the house thinking it will protect us somehow.. but on the bad days when his paranoia gets out of hand he […]

Confess: Yes or No?

By Chunsongyi 1. To fall in love with someone, we actually don’t have the power to control it. Just do your best to keep moving on because it’s not the time yet since our priority is studies and of course, parents. Even Aishah (fake name) told me dari dulu, “Siti (fake name), love tu datang […]

me too

every day, i died a little bit more inside. longing for you seems like the hardest thing i ever done in my whole life. i miss you so much that my heart breaks every time i remembered your smile. those pair of hazel eyes that i often fell deep into, now seems dark and blurry. […]


I like you. Why? Because you are different from the others. Sounds cliche but that’s what I see. But do you even like me? Because I am different too? Nah I can’t expect that because it’s up to what you think. Pin 0


Random thought at 9 pm. Aku terluka Hatiku diragut membelah nyawa Hilang percaya ditelan dia   Aku terluka Setiap bibit diratah masa Mana ku melihat adanya dia   Aku terluka Waktu dihembus merawat duka Nafasku hilang separuh nyawa Pin 0


You said you dah ada someone special and you dah start serious with her. How come you so sure with her? While dengan i last time you said tak nak commit, you nak have fun. Apa kurangnya i? 🙁 You said, i am your taste. You adore me. But why you’re not choosing me? Are […]


Do you still remember what is your gift on my 24th birthday? A kiss. I really love the gift. I love you. But now you’re not here with me. Why you leave me? What is not enough from me? Tell me why. I’m so desperate wanted you to stay with me. Iloveyou and imissyoualways. What […]

pet peeves.

so i have came across tweets about cleanliness and people’s attitude. and i could relate it to my daily observation too, which adds up to my pet peeves list. so they are; people who leave the dining table messy after they take their meals. they don’t even try to clean the leftovers dropped from their […]

Back, again.

Hey, I guess I’m back again. It’s a yearly kind of visit I guess. Things haven’t been much fun and all. I guess being here means that I need a certain form of escape. A venting point. I just finished reading a friend’s entry and I guess I should try it again. So, this is […]


I wrote this at 3 am on one of those nights where i couldn’t sleep. have you ever feel lonely? you have friends but there’s still an occupied space in your heart that’s still searching for something, or someone. a void. an unknown. you’re having trouble sleeping because it gives space for the monster in […]

Hi Ma

I finally have the courage to post. 31-07-2019 I went to work like always, I had a weird feeling. I told my friend that I’m coming home late that day. I came to work and get most of my tasks done. At 12.48pm, my phone rang and it was my brother : ”Can you leave […]


sometimes i look in the mirror and don’t see myself as a good person. i hurt myself, i shut everyone out when they get too close, sometimes i think i’m also selfish for taking care of my own heart. it hurts me to think that someone will look at me straight in the eyes and […]

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