Just tell me baby, if you don’t love me anymore. So I could walk away with this heart that has been bruised long ago. But if you do love me, why would you let me go? You are the sun of my life, the moon to my nights and light to my soul, why would […]

Alphabets and Numbers

“I’m more than just alphabets and numbers, I’m bones and cells, skin and muscles. And those are just the physical layers… Those numbers don’t get to define me, never.” But up all night, eyes bright, here I am,                             moonlight as a friend […]

Of M

This is how it feels like to grow up as a girl With a mixture of Bornean and Oriental beauty She was told that she has the best of both worlds Fair milky skin and curves that leave men weak in the knees A sweet-looking face, wide toothy grin, she laughs like a chugging train […]

letters to Jane #6

dear Jane, From the first day I wrote about you, it had already shown how much of a vulnerable person I really am. The first word had broke open the hardest outer layer, and words that followed just ripped every layer of me to reveal the core, out in the open web, where people could […]


To those who needs help the most, who needs someone to talk or listen, I’m here to lend my shoulder. We can be bestfriends. Please hit me up on telegram. Search my username @deexna and we’re officially friends. Pin 0

Behind Those Lies

I wish there would be another options for this. Another way for me not to end everything here. Not to leave & longing for the things I love. Couldn’t even believe that the time has come. It’s the decision that I’ve made but it’s also the decision that I’ve to take. Underneath the reason that […]


“And i rindu you…” How much ‘rindu’ should i uttered before you could understand my feelings How many ‘sayang’ should i addressed you before it comes out from your mouth “Called because i have something to tell” (i miss your voice) “Let’s go out and eat something” (i miss your smile & laughs) “Reply my […]


I met thousand new faces everyday, Flirt with so many guys, But none of them can replace you, none of them can love me like you do, And I swear to God you’re the best part in my life, And I miss you, still Pin 0


words are born from people’s mouths, and die in their ears.. but some words dont die, they go into people’s hearts and stayed there for a long time… its because of his words, piled up in my heart and makes me heart dead Pin 0

letters to Jane #5

dear Jane, I’m sorry I’ve upset you. I should’ve known how much it meant for you to want to be here. It wasn’t you being over sensitive, it was me being insensitive. It breaks my heart too that you can’t be around anymore, I honestly couldn’t explain how empty the first day was. But I […]


I never thought I can reach the star that once I dreamed for. Because star is made up only from gas. You can’t touch, but only can feel it. Shining as two elements are burning. Its far yet feel so close. I thought you were merely a star that I can’t reach. So I called […]

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