pep talk

I’m so  tired of  this MCO (CMCO). I don’t know if there’s a job opportunity actually waiting to call me just when the quarantine ends and all sectors open again and re-progress so the companies regain and stable again and open the job opportunities to many people who have been job-seeking and who lost their […]

Just a bestfriend

Dear you, Thanks for always having my back Thanks for always being there for me Thanks for always asking my whereabouts   Dear you, Thanks for listening to my problems Thanks for responding me like how I want to be responded Thanks for the attention given Thanks for the late night long hours of phone […]

i still think of you

i’m not sure whether this loneliness is because i was longing for you, or it just me that craved to be loved. our nameless relationship doesn’t have a conclusion. after all, i’m the one who left you on read. i felt like we didn’t need to bid a proper goodbye, since we had done that […]

Tumpang sekejap. Jemput singgah keruangan cuci mata. Bagi mereka yang berminat untuk menyelam bundle. Selam lah di Instagram ini, siapa tahu ada yang kamu perlu? Pin 0

How am i supposed to know?

Dan lain-lain; tentang kau yang tak pernah dikategorikan oleh aku. Kau bisa jadi segala yang aku perlu.   Walau nescafe dan caffeine itu bukan pilihan kau, tapi jika mccafe meracun kau dengan promosi gila-gila mereka, maka teracun juga hati kau; walau sejauh mana kasarnya dia terhadap kau, jika si dia mulai menyatakan maaf (meski berulang) […]

it was real, wasnt it?

It was a short roller coaster ride, but it was real wasnt it? at least, to me.  Unexpected.  Masatu, aku sendiri pelik. Mana lah datang rasa nak bertanya soal social media. Dalam pelik ada sedikit syukur. Mula rapat, terima kasih buat teman yang beri idea untuk mulakan operasi menjadi pemandu uber student. You are one of my favorite […]

How are you doing, Karen?

Wow, I thought that there would be lesser stupid people around since the pandemic happened. I was wrong! I was told that I am the white person of Malaysia. A privileged Malay Karen. If I were white I could get everything that I wanted. More money, fame, beauty, and other perks. I could have been […]

i’m not okay

Hello. you know why I’m here today. Today I’m feeling like I really need to take a pause of everything that has been occupying my head and I need to slow down how I let everything access to me. Like my feelings. They speed up enter the empty space in my heart and they go […]

Yes, we’re nonsense

Everything is make sense now. I understand now why all this things happen. Know I now why you never wanted to keep me in your life. Do you still remember my question? “Kenapa kita jadi macam ni?” I asked myself why this happen why we never work out. Now i know. Bitter truth. Im so […]

if i knew

if i knew i cant endure this sadness, i wouldn’t ask for breaking up eventho it’s all your fault. even i knew i’ll suffer if i stay with you. but at least, im with you. idc if it hurts me a lot as long as im with you. there are many reasons to hate you, […]


3.05 am Have always been the kindest to you. Fell head over heels for you. Have my softest spot in my heart for you. Always have a thing for you. Changed my plans just to hear you out. To be there for you Because I know how it feels To have nobody You came to […]

day 14 of breaking up

it hurts, whenever i faced problems, it reminds me of you, you were beside me when things get rough, now you are no longer here, beside me. eventho you said you are there if i need you. but things wouldnt be the same. it hurts knowing i still need you. your words that always keep […]


I have a lot to say, but indescribable by words, by writings. All these uneasy feelings, heartbreaks i felt all these years are really disturbing my emotions. It’s not vividly totally about love as what normal teenagers had these days. Sometimes, it’s about life that me (or even other people) had in life- the conditions, […]

Alpha and Beta

We all know alpha is the superior one and beta is the inferior one. In simple concept that is. I wanna tie in the alpha and beta concept in our relationships. So basically, in any kind of relationships, there’s always one who is an alpha, or a beta. Yes it is kinda like the top […]

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