Black Hole

There’s a dark pulsing vortex somewhere in my conscience, it pulls with a strong gravity the entirety of my being. A vacuum of nothingness, that eats away at me bit by bit by bit. It’s a black hole, specifically design to devour my sanity. I think everyone carries their own versions of this ‘black hole’. […]


Serjat luka teruk malam itu. Dia sukar duduk.   Sejak menimba ilmu dengan Pak Meon, jurus dan aksi teman lelakinya makin hebat. Tajam dan berkesan.   Usai pusingan ketiga, mereka berhenti. Siap menggabi, mereka sambung lagi. Pin 0

The Epitome of Everything

You are a cluster of everything i crave. Brilliance, maturity and a little bit sense of humour.   You are a group of everything i believed in. Your words, your thoughts and your undying love.   You are everything i love about the stars above us a beautiful mess, about the sea upon us serenity […]

second one to know

Let us not talk about what if , or only if because obviously that is not going to happen. The more we grieve about it , the distance with are with reality. Right now we both know, there is nothing can be done here. We can’t move to the right ; a best friend and […]

My Best Man Getting Married.

rq – Here is what I wanted to write to my best man who is getting married. You were once my wonder wall, And now you are hers. You were once my best mate, And now you are hers. The days and times we have spent together, Seems like long ago. And it really was. […]

Why are you not here

Why are you 4 hours away I want you here and stay when my heart is at the lowest or even when I’m highest I just want you here anyway.   Why are you only in this rectangular glass, coming from a small tiny hole. And the warmth of your hugs  replaced by the heat […]


i can already feel how my week is going to be. shitty as any other week. i can already feel my presence being unwanted. friends turning their backs, smiles turning to frowns. im needed only when wanted, till im used i no longer matter. i serve no purpose as a friend, there is nothing i […]

but why

you are gone. we are nothing now. but tell me, why do i feel like im cheating on you when i talk to other guy? but tell me, why do i feel like im hurting you when i reply to the other guy? but tell me, why do i feel like you still own me? […]


Love makes you stupid. I cant deny it. But i cant help to feel. I’m denying it then but i can’t deny it now. Not after all this. But you’re not here. Im not there.  You’re with her and i, well i… You’re the love of my life, you’re my best friend. I know I’m […]

tell me how?

Tell me. How do I give up a guy, Who’s kinder to me, than i am to myself? He’s a dear friend, but too bad he’s taken. We rarely spoke to each other, Barely even texted these days, But when he did, (am not good at keeping in touch)  He told me stuffs i should […]

the last time.

i remember the last time i looked into her eyes, i remember the last time i kiss her, i remember the last time i held her hands, i remember the last time i heard her voice, i remember the last time we talked, and i remember the last time she had her last breath. 6 […]


If only he can understand on why I come out with this choice is that because I do care about him. I want him to be happy and value himself more than being hurt while loving me. I have my own shit to pull together and he is not the one to bear the cost. […]


Faham tak perasaan bila orang marah kita. Tapi kita tak tau apa yang kita buat. Eh apa kata macamni Kalau kau marah dengan orang tu, bagitau je dia. Don’t make them feel bad. Memang la sepatutnya orang tu kena rasa bersalah la sebab dia buat kau marah tapi bukan ke lagi terseksa bila orang tu rasa bersalah tapi […]

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