we just stopped talking. though your name is still at the back of my mind, our conversation is still somewhere in the archived chats. it is still you that my heart has been longing for, and i don’t think it will change anytime soon. Pin 1

Anecdote #01

Break ups can be ironic. Like how the longest one I took to move on, landed me on therapy, and was also the one who gifted me “Psychology 101” as parting gift. Yet it was also the one that set precedence of how relationships afterwards should take place. And the break ups afterwards no longer […]

Happy Birthday

I am turning 21 today Hoping for another 20 years to be together When I turn 41 I will be hoping for 20 years more Hoping this love stays the same No matter how many years comes and passed Getting through every speed bumps and crooked roads As long as we are together We are […]

a wish

an eye contact, and i immediately looked away.  seconds passed, and this heart of mine was still throbbing wildly, as if i just finished a marathon. obviously i was out of breath, and struggling to find air when i met that starry, hazel eyes of yours. you made me feel this way, and i can’t […]

what is happening?

it had been days since we last talked. you ignored me when i texted you, you even avoided eye contacts when we met coincidentally. what is going around in your mind? you said you wouldn’t leave..but now? what is happening between us? is this really the end? am i not worthy of an explanation? what’s […]

Maaf ku pinta

Warkah ini ditulis dengan tangisan jiwa yang meronta. Oleh seorang insan yang keliru mencari jalan cahaya. Akulah dia, bayangnya malah kembarnya dan dialah aku. Aku selalu melihat ke dalam cermin menanti wajah yang sama. Namun sayang, tiada pantulan bayang. Hanya cermin yang kosong. Yang hina dan dina itu tetaplah aku. Tangan kotor berdarah meracik keimanan […]


Honestly, it has been a rough year for me. Felt like nothing is working out for me. Lost my grandparents, got rejected for further studies, can’t seem to find a suitable job and the list goes on. I have a lot of things in my mind. Every time I wanted to give up, I remembered […]

They Told Me

They told me to seek help, I did. They told me I’m too sensitive, I agreed. They told me my feelings are invalid, I understood. They told me to be happy, I tried. They told me this is temporary, I believed. They told me to hold on, But what am I holding on to, If […]

What I feel

Been soo emotional for these past months I forgot the feeling of happiness I forgave & I begged I try to be nice But It seems not enough Someone gives his loves to someone who’s already has love inside her soul while abandoned my empty soul Well the more I want to know the more […]

Sekadar luahan hati

Kadang-kadang, aku rasa diri aku ni selalu dikhianati walaupun dengan sahabat sendiri yang aku amat sayangi. Aku sayang kau sebab aku kenal kau dah lama, lagi lama daripada kawan-kawan yang lain. Kadang-kadang, aku tak makan sebab aku tunggu kau nak makan sekali. Eh, tengok-tengok kau dah pergi makan dengan orang lain. Padahal sehari sebelum tu […]

Perfect Shapes

I’ve always mistaken the sun as the brightest light, that only leads me to burn myself down. I’m still searching for the shooting stars to brighten the sky, I don’t want to spend the night in total darkness. I discover a lot of incomplete shapes, trying to adjust, squeezing to fit into each other, but […]


the emptiness screams so loud, and yet no words were formed, no voice were heard because it’s empty.   like the chairs in an abandoned library, empty. yet again, the empty spaces, feel suffocating, air-tightening. Breaths short, in the open, empty air.   like the deserted deserts, empty. but it feels crowded. Felt like drowning, […]

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