I’m Afraid

It felt like you know a lot about me. Feels like you don’t. Maybe you do not know the details, But you do know how I feels. Part of me thinking that I should tell you everything, Part of me are afraid you’d run away. Well, who doesn’t? I would too if I were you. […]

The Epitome of My Break Free

—It’s 7 am in the morning. The rain just stops pouring. Im getting ready for a run. It’s a holy day I call it today. Why? Cause this doesn’t happen often, me waking up this early and getting ready for a morning run. I eat my breakfast quickly and grab my phones with earphones hanging […]

A Letter To My Ex-Best Friends

“Heartbreaks are not all about love , but friendship too “ I still remember the moment all of us cherish and spent together when we were in high school, 14 of us , were very closed to each other , Broke rules together, Silly jokes wherever, Promised to stay forever. But, As we reached our […]

if u come to visit

What a waste, We should’ve been together if i stay right? Too bad i keep telling myself i’m a wanderer… Too dumb that i keep believing i’m cursed right? Oh how i wish you’ll still remember all of my delusional stories. Too late, you won’t read anything from me again. & that is my mistake, […]


I am very fragile. Macam kaca; macam gelas. I am very fragile. Tapi aku selalu takut untuk tunjukkan retak pada tubuh. I am very fragile. Tapi aku rasa aku tak sepatutnya macamtu. Somehow, I feel like I am supposed to be brave, sturdy and bubbly all the time. I feel like I give burden to […]

letters to Jane #3

dear Jane, Today is a little different. I’m missing you a little more. I’ve had it in my mind actually, for quite some time now. I’m just watering over the sprouts of my thoughts of you, hoping that when I get to see you my mind would become a field of blossomed flowers. I want […]

The Cottage On The Cliff.

U: You do know that “sayang”, “cinta” and “love” have different meanings right? M: Yes, i do. I know that i “sayang” him, i cared for him, but it hasn’t gone pass “cinta” or “love” yet. U: How about him? M: I know that his feelings for me are between the last two. . It […]

Feeling 01

Have you ever feel like you don’t know what you want in your life? I think I have quite an okay career to keep living. But I don’t feel happy because I’m not into what I’m doing and at the same time, I don’t even know what I want. I don’t have hobby or interest […]

I Will Do Better Tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be better. I will do better. But where do I start ? What do i really want ? What am I here for ? Now I am scared, confused, and mad. It’s already tomorrow yet I am everything but better. Sigh. Not again. Not this dark pit again. Dont yell. Dont […]

Nasi Goreng Pattaya.

  Nasi Goreng Pattaya pun ada prinsip tersendiri walaupun beza dia dengan Nasi Goreng Ayam hanyalah balutan telur yang di-zig-zag-kan dengan sos cili sebagai hiasan (kadang-kadang berbentuk hati). Prinsip dia buat diri dia tertonjol daripada yang lain dan istimewa untuk siapa diri dia sebenarnya. Engkau tak boleh sewenang-wenangnya nak ambil nasi goreng biasa dan makan […]

letters to Jane #2

hey Jane, I hope things are going well over there. Things aren’t so well here though, you’ve probably already sensed it. For a supergirl like you, it was probably so obvious its as if you’re seeing me in front of your very eyes. Things aren’t so well at home. I’m just a little lost, everyday […]


It’s 11 11 and I am still lost I should’ve left that day I don’t want to keep writing about this, it makes me feel pathetic I don’t want to keep waiting either, no one is coming home That part of me is long gone and I shall go and create a new piece That […]

The Kite

I always wonder how i love you. How can someone love someone yet not themselves? Without you i’m blue, so i guess that means i am blue myself. I heard in the end we are all selfish, but in the end, i would choose you. For you, i would gladly perish, but why? I have […]

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