I dont’t know if this is normal or okay to feel such a way. But when I love someone, I don’t need a reason to. I love deeply and passionately. So I dont’t know if there are people who say they love me, love me the way I love them. Whether their heart aches when […]


hiraeth… it stand for a longing feelings for a home, that no longer exist or never was. it could be a person or a places. In my case, you are the home that i miss. you’re the one who gives me Hiraeth feelings inside me. I met you on February 2020, after being single for […]


He lives alone, and he’s fine by that. He always craved that privacy ever since he could remember. Being in a house of 10 deprived him of exactly that. There was no alone time. No time for himself means no productivity for people like him. He may be a rare breed but that’s how he […]


I met you before, but I couldn’t understand what made you so special. You were the new ‘it’. Almost everyone was obsessed with you. One day, my close friend started telling stories about you. Her eyes sparkled as she narrated her adventures with you. Her hands moved around swiftly, describing her story as she spoke […]


You set an arson onto her house yesterday morning  She thought you went for groceries You told the cashier to keep the change It was 5 bucks change from the money she gave you Breakfast wasn’t served But she saw a burnt toast on a broken plate Thought to herself, she’d prefer to be poisoned […]

A letter for my bestfriend

for my bestfriend, It’s okay – it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be sad about it, it’s okay to miss them, and it’s okay if you wish you did something differently. but never blame yourself for how things turned out when the situation was out of your hands. believe that things happen for a […]

hi disember.

1 disember, bulan terakhir sebelum tamatnya 2020. tiada apa yang aku mahukan, melainkan kebahagiaan yang berpanjangan. tiada apa yang aku mahukan, melainkan orang orang yang tersayang masih disisi. tiada apa yang aku mahukan, melainkan diri ini istiqamah bersujud kepadaNya. tiada apa yang aku mahukan, melainkan idea cinta agung bekas kekasih itu dilupakan. tiada apa yang aku mahukan, melainkan aku […]

what is love?

i remembered back then, 2009 — to be exact. mama was rushed to hospital, it’s getting worst than before. i hate hospital, i hate to see people lost the one that they love. little did i know, i’m getting ready to lost one of my greatest love. 08.06.09 9.28 am ; i was forced to […]

utusan sang kekasih

kehadapanmu, saat itu aku tidak mengerti erti sebuah kebencian pada/terhadap makhluk sejenis – manusia. rasanya seperti ingin melenyapkannya dan aku menyusul kemudiannya. biarkan aku mati dalam kebencian. kerana itu adalah setidak-tidaknya cara aku mencintai kamu. Aku bisa bangga kerana telah menarik satu lagi kaum sejenismu – lelaki. kerana apa yang aneh pada mereka, kerana mana mungkin […]

jodoh itu aneh

jodoh itu aneh aku melihat teman-temanku ada yang bercinta 7-8 tahun lamanya tapi putus setelah hari lahirnya yg kedua puluh dua padahal rancangan nikahnya sudah ada lalu bertemu seorang laki-laki yang membuatnya bahagia lagi dan mereka bahagia saja berdua aku melihat seorang temanku bertemu dengan temanku yang lain dan tiba-tiba jatuh cinta padahal personalitinya quite […]


Empty I felt it for few times Not sure what’s the reason But feels like I making up the reason I don’t want to do that Cause it only point to one thing Which I should not to Cause it’s something that is already part of my life Nothing I can do about it Maybe […]

Write, even when it hurts you.

Write about the time you were unfairly treated by the people you trusted the most Write about the times you were too engrossed in pursuing a boy -who does not even know you at the age of 23 (yucks) Write about the times you failed 3 times at baking a simple recipe and completely kills […]

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