Can I make you fall in love with me ?

You learn more about the writer through the stories they write. Its a subconscious act, a release that is inevitable. They write about their darkest fears and deepest desires, their wishful thinkings and ridiculous wants. They write about never ending love, happy endings and the beautiful things. They write about the impossible. They want the impossible. And when they let you into their impossible dreams, you dive into it, head first, no doubt in your mind, no fear in your heart. You give a part of yourself to them without you even knowing it. Maybe because as you flip those pages you realize that you want the same thing as them, you dream the same wishful dreams. You found your own escape in theirs. Their twisted thoughts are you own that you never realized before nor had the courage to stand for. Thats why you fall in love with fictional people, you fall in love with the figment of these people’s imagination. You fall in love with the writer’s beautiful mind. So, read a book. Fall in love.


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