Breath Deep

I want to rest my head in that small cove at the base of your neck, hide behind your hair and read the Braille of your skin using my lips

your pulse the measure of time
time moves to the beat of your heart
a day ends when you close your eyes

and until you open them, we turn on the lights

the slow rythmic beating of your heart the tide, the water level rising Im left gasping for air

only safe when the day begins

the lights go out, your soul airs out the apartment

the day spent discovering corners, filling spaces with the laughter for comfortable visits, but she wanted him here
and me anywhere there

so I sit in air of ambiguity, of unasked questions repeatedly answered by the voices, making the mind uninhabitable, the ribcage a prison

only allowed to leave on good behaviour but the parole officer drunk on his own suppl-

If I could Id get you out of my mind in a heartbeat
but my heartbeats your name coded in Zeroes and Ones. minute bits of a melancholic miss

skinny dipping in reverie a memory too cold first thing in the morning
so you sit there dreading the fact that it is coming

a numbing of all the senses, double tapping our second guesses
into oblivion
menduakan akal fikiran

fikirla puas puas

fikirla puas puas

fikirla puas puas

How do I get through this
Terlalu ramai yang mengatakan

Be strong
I would whisper into your ear
be gentle

Be gentle

Be Gentle

as soft as headpats
forehead kisses
reassuring back rubs and you cans
the siapa anak baiks
keep the bed warm enough to hug

an embrace to keep the light at bay, the bills in place and the left overs frozen

the microwave dings in our role call
we act as lovers do

Badly and over aware of every little thing
announcing every action
overthinking so that it stops us from just being
in love

with ourselves. and so the story ends with this question

If love comes from within, then is it selfish to love when the other isn’t

and the thought is lost…

I'm here.
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