Break Up : The Great Destruction

It sucks, isn’t it? To have your fragile little heart being broken by someone you cherish the most. It almost felt like your soul is dying, and you have to pretend that you are doing fine. You put on a mask to show the world that you are doing well, that you are happy and content. But we both know that is far from true. You wish it would be easy to forget someone and the memories that came with them. But it’s not easy, it never is and never will be.
The real question is, how long will you let yourself feeling suffocated and depressed? How long will you pretend to be okay? And what can you do to move on from the woman/man that mean so much to you?
It’s 2018, and there are a lot of people who suffered from break-ups. Thinking that when they lose someone, they lose a part of them as well. That is not necessarily true. You did well before you met them. So what makes you think that you cannot live without them? You can.
Memories. Most of the time they’re the sweetest. It give you something to think about after you separate. It makes you remember that you were once important, that you were once the love of his life. But now, it’s all gone. You are not important to him anymore, and you are no longer the love of his life, as cruel as it sounds. Both of you have reached the finish line. There is no more.
But your life have not reach the end, so don’t act like you have nothing to live for. Before you think about crying for a whole 2-3 months and isolating yourself from the crowd, think about the people who love you. Your family, your parents and your friends. All of them wants what best for you, and surely they do not want to see you so broken and devastated because of a man/woman.
Crying won’t change a thing. It’s okay to cry, it really is fine. But it becomes a problem when you cry so much that it starting to eat you inside. You’re feeding your sadness. And what good will it bring if you bawl your eyes out? Will it bring him/her back? Will you be able to retrieve what you once had?
Don’t fall down on your knees. Even if you fell, learn how to pick yourself up. Be more stronger and wiser. As they said, mistakes and experience are the best teacher. So do yourself a favour and learn from this experience. It may not be a good experience, but you definitely gain something out of it.

You could listen to my stories and learn from it.
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