Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys.
That’s what the elders said whenever boys are in trouble
Or whenever they screwed things up.
But, they were never held accountable for their wrong doings.
As matter of fact, they were let off the hook.
It is different for girls.
One slight mistake,
You are labelled as the bad egg.
Went out till wee hour,
Oh she is a wild one.
Lose her virginity to a boy,
Oh she is a total slut.
She cannot do chores,
Oh she is unworthy to be a wife.
She is smoking cigarettes,
Oh she is a disgrace to her family.
It was normal for boys, but not for girls.
There is no gender equality among us.
If there is, girls or women should not be condemned for such acts.
Boys or men are no angels, they are demon in disguise. We all are.
For once, let us be free to do whatever we wanted to without being judge.

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