Black Hole

There’s a dark pulsing vortex somewhere in my conscience, it pulls with a strong gravity the entirety of my being. A vacuum of nothingness, that eats away at me bit by bit by bit.

It’s a black hole, specifically design to devour my sanity.

I think everyone carries their own versions of this ‘black hole’.

You’ve felt it too right? Those days where nothing goes right and there’s a bubbling, rumbling thing deep in the crevices of your heart.

Some days it just stirs silently, dormant.

But some days, it unleashes its wrath on you.

It grows, feeding on your mental distress, your worries, your fears, your anxieties.

And it pulses and pulls more and more of yourself in, unsatisfied.

It is a bottomless darkness where even light won’t survive there.

Sometimes you resort to things like buying things for your own enjoyment, or busy yourself with work or whatever else you can distract yourself with.

But it’ll still be there, quietly waiting for that moment of utter silence.

Until it devours you whole. Your mind, your soul, your sanity.

And you’ll stay in that void of darkness and nothingness until you can find that spark of light, the strength to pick yourself up in your heart again, and turn in into a flame that burns the darkness away.

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