Bitter Memories

Thought you and I would last forever,

I put behind my dark past ,

Blank pages filled with sweet words and happy things,

now they are stained with bitter memories..

How can somebody you love turn to a stranger?

How can you look in me in the eye and feel nothing?

Was it my fault ? Did something go wrong?

I can’t think of anything..

now that we are breaking apart,

I see nothing but blurred memories,

i always think you’re the one,

who would save me,

take me out of this mess and love me darling,

but you walk away , you walk away,

you left me with some bitter memories..

I tried to forget the pain that haunted me,

all my life i’ve been dreaming for a love like this,

I once believed I found it when I was with you,

but it turned out,

it wasn’t true ..

It hurts me seeing your face , your smile ,

seeing you make me realise ,

You’re just everything I wanted,

but I couldn’t keep ..

what hurts more than having something ,

then you have to let go ?

though you’re screaming inside ,

was I like a shiny toy ? it’s all fun till I made you bored ..

and you left me with some bitter memories…

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