Bila orang puji kita, what to reply lah?

Bila orang puji kita,

Susahnya nak fikir untuk reply apa.

Reply One: Alhamdulillah (For Muslims)

Sepatutnya ‘Alhamdulillah’ is the most appropriate reply, because everything milik Dia. Tapi semua orang tahu that kind of reply is so not you. Bukanlah nak cakap kau tak islamic tapi your Islamic self is not put to show. That’s between you and Him. Nanti orang cakap “ehhhh tetiba jadi Islamic pulak dia ni. Angkat call guna hello jugak, bukan assalamulaikum”. Ha, in your face di situ.

Reply Two:  Thank you.

Ini can be controversial depends on siapa yang puji. Sebabnya, it is as if you’re admitting apa yang dia puji tu. For example – “cantiknya awak ni”, then you reply “thank you”, but some people can translate it as “thank you, I know I am”. Especially yang puji kita bukan dari hati tapi sahaja berbasi-basi. (Girls, admit it. We did this often). My friend once kena, she replied thank you, and then I heard this dormmate of ours whispered to her friend behind my friend’s back (not knowing I was listening) “wehhhhhhh (baca dengan kepanjangan enam belas harkat) dia cakap thank you weh bila aku puji dia! maksudnya dia mengaku lahh. Eeeee”. I was perplexed. Is it that wrong to show gratitude when someone compliments you? from that day I choose to be hati-hati to reply thank you to compliments. Kalau strangers takpe, sebab kau takkan jumpa lagi dah. Nak cakap berlagak pun berlagak lah. Biaq pi kat dia. Kalau sejenis yang diceritakan di atas, please learn to differentiate what kind of compliment that is based on who that person is. If you know that person doesn’t like you, refrain from saying thank you. Unless you want to pull her leg.

Reply Three: Eh mana ada! / nooooo takdalah!

Haaa ni lagi satu. I think this denial reply depends on how you say (tone and pitch) and your expression while saying it. Kalau kau jawab dengan nada shy-shy, muka ala-ala blushing, it’s a no-no. Because those kinds of responses can be translated as ‘alaaa I know, but janganlah cakap kuat-kuat, segan itewww’. Sudah. If yang compliment kau happens to be someone yang suka fikir negative (thus, insincere compliment) pasal orang, that person would say dalam hati “elehhh, dah puji nak deny deny pulak. Padahal nampak sangat kau suka”. Haih. Negative-thinking people are so hard to please. So bila nak deny tu, buat muka serious sikit, lower your voice, kerutkan dahi, and say it as if you are really denying it although you’re jumping in the inside, hati terus ada taman. Let your heart do the blushing instead.

Reply four : Eh tak, I biasa-biasa je.

This one is dangerous too. This is a no for obvious kind of compliment, such as “pandainya awak ni” lepastu your reply is “eh I biasa-biasa je, mana ada pandai” sambil berdiri di depan notice board yang ada nama kau dalam senarai “Dean’s list”. Or someone compliments you “You look like a model” and you, yang berketinggian 190 cm with long legs, curves at all right places, with that very good looking face, with a winning smile yang mampu mencairkan hati sesiapa yang memandang, membalas:  “mana ada, I biasa-biasa je”. *Roll eyes until you see the brain*

Of course this is exaggerated but you got the message right? That person is complimenting something obvious that even you know and semua dalam dunia pun tahu it is justified. So why deny and say you are biasa when you are obviously not ordinary? maybe boleh bagi jawapan gedik “nasib je tu” or just say “thank you, segan I”. Gituuuu. Or you can give a witty reply “Eh, I pun pelik how can I be like this”. Siapa yang puji tu hanya mampu ketawa, if they got the joke lah.

Reply Five: I know, I’m awesome like that.

This reply to me, is the best. Only for families and to those who are very close to you. Or, you just simply want to piss the ones who give you fake compliments off. This braggish reply shows you’re comfortable being you without the need to consider the consequences of your reply. I use this to certain guys too, so they will be turned off and go use their pick up lines to someone else. It is like I’m saying “I am one arrogant, full-of-herself woman, so you don’t want me in your life” to those guys. Make sure you reply with an arrogant smirk and tilt your head up a bit for a dramatic flair. (Banyak tengok drama).

Of course this is in general. I write based on experiences and observations. We are living in a social media-is-my-life era and people tend to be extra-judgmental towards others. Even us, sometimes without realizing. Try to stay positive, that’s all.

To reply compliments, ask these questions first: Who, what, why, then you’ll get the best answer somehow.


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  1. Sad to think that kita kena fikir how to accept a compliment. Obviously kita happy separa menang olimpik la kan kena puji. Haih people these days -.- anyway nice post sis!

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