Beneath the pain

Death,gone and disappear
The series of unsettled pain
Turned my world dark
Downpour all over the eyes
Missing pieces of broken heart
I can’t deny fate
I can’t deny God
I let myself cry
But no one hears the pain
Like clouds crying all alone in the sky

Am I tired to be strong?
Am I tried to be fragile?
Or am I drowning in the depth of pain?
Do i still need the sacred pain?
Yet i cannot removed old SCARS

Pain is poison
that could kill you in split second
But i can change the poison
Into immune for my pain
I’ll accept fate
I’ll accept pain
All i need to do is…
Stand even i couldn’t barely move
Let pain flow in my blood
God always hears
When I cried inside or outside
Emerging with the pain

In the end….
I will stand!!
Stand tall
Face my greatest fear of the embedded pain.

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