because distance save me from self destruction

“I choose to adore you from a distance, for distance can shield me from pain”

You’re my definition of love at the first sight, the first time i saw you, you make me wanna take a glance at you several time,
When all of your friends are sleeping you’re the only one still stay wide awake glueing both of ur eyes on the outside view
At that time, i thought i only admire you because you look so much like him
After meeting you several time i no longer see him in you, i saw you as you
I wanted to know more about you
But with the time given i think i should just adore you from distance
Maybe there are others admiring you as much as i am
So again i choose to watch you from afar
Because darling, by keeping a distance between me and you
You have no power over me

This side of me i dare to show, because you're just a stranger :)
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