bantuin aku dong

how does it feels when you are in love?

is it happiness? like when you get presents on your birthday or when you scored all A’s in your exams?

or is it like you have a mixed feelings? like when your friend asked you out but you’re super lazy but he’s your best friend so you don’t wanna get into a brawl or when your basketball team won the tournament against your twin brother’s team?

or it might be the feelings of sadness? like when cars ran your cats to death or when your favourite show had a bad ending?

at least somebody please answer me?

I’m tired of being a love doctor without experience :’)

im trying to write good stuffs here but yikes! im just a crappy writer herher
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8 thoughts on “bantuin aku dong

  1. Being in love, is meeting someone that gives you all this strong emotions tearing down every wall you ever built. When it’s one sided, its painful but when you’ve found that person you’ll know. you start to want things, a house maybe a family together. when u look at that person, you feel happy instantly and helplessly. sometimes you’ll experience jealousy. sometimes you get into.a fight and you just want the fight to end as quickly as possible. when you’re with this person, you can do anything and nothing it will still feel worthwhile.

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