AweSeries: The List: Testosterone Ticks (Part 3)

By: Epictas

“Sinclair? Where were you from?” I tried to make a quick conversation while making it transparent that we both needed to be in class.

“I just went out for some Pepsi.” Sinclair said, “You’re not the only one with connections to the prefects board.”

Well, he got me there. I forgot he was an ex-prefect. He was doing a good job actually. I heard he was stripped of the responsibility because of a little mishap involving unfair maths paper grading and some unfortunate smashing of car windows and punctured tyres. It was never proven Sinclair did all that, but it’s what everyone seem to think, Even the questioning police officers.

We were probably the last ones walking down the lonely corridors of the ground floor. There are no classes down here so everyone’s upstairs, except for us both, the janitor and gardener, and a few prefects finishing up their reports. It’s a very lazy day.

I really got to some talking with Sinclair in our slow walk to class. We have English class if I’m not mistaken and Mr. Adrian rarely comes to class early. He rarely comes to class at all. Perhaps the busiest teacher in Xypher, or the laziest. So my pace got slower and slower

Class was only on the second floor, so we reached there eventually, dismally.

I thought right. No Mr. Adrian in sight. It was too quite for an all-boys class with no supervision. It’s almost awkward. I mean, there are people making noises but it’s not near the minimum capacity of what this class can produce. Disappointing.

So I sat there on my desk, next to Killa. I wouldn’t want to disturb him, he was doing some physics homework I ‘accidentally’ left at home. I opened my sketch book and started to visualize my thoughts onto a page. I drew nothing.

It wasn’t even 5 minutes since I got comfortable placing my butt on the chair until somebody shouted “Hey that’s a mistake of your own doing!” right smack in front of the class.

“Total bullshit! If you didn’t enter the picture, I’d still be with her!” The other end shouted. Quite close to me in fact.

Everybody else was quite. I think they know this was coming.

“If you taken a bit better care of her, you wouldn’t even be shouting right now!”

“Fine I won’t…” I think only the people at the back of the class heard that.

He went running directly to the guy in front of the class, accompanied by a hard kick on the gut.

“Damn. They’re at it again.” Killa spoke. He dropped his thick black pen on his paper that’s filled with ink. “Well let’s hope they kill each other this time. I can’t keep on reporting and reporting every time they fight. It’s killing my fingers!”

So much of a prefect Killa is. But he has a point. Robin and Richeal had a story that goes until a year back, If I can recall correctly, Robin and his then-girlfriend were madly in love until Richeal came along. As much as Robin like to believe, Richeal never got together with Robin’s ex. they were pretty close though, I saw them last week. Wait, that wasn’t as complicated as I thought. So that’s the whole story. Now let’s get back to the brawl.

Richeal stood up holding his stomach and looked as angry as ever. crunched the bones in his left hand to make a fist and he charged with fierce fury. With quickness, he tried to swing his fisted hand and missed. Robin elbowed Richeal on the shoulder and once again he fell.

“Why do people always forget that I have a black belt in Karate??” remarks Robin.

Richeal was relentless. Holding his left shoulder, he intends to bring pain to the guy who took away his girl. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s his own misdoings he decided to bring it physically.

Out of desperation, Richeal drove his good shoulder into the stomach of Robin. I think he wasn’t expecting that. both of them fell to the ground hard, but much of the pain was on Robin’s side. Robin grabbed Richeal’s shirt by the collars and punched him right on the cheek, near the ears. I felt that one from the back end of the class.

I guess sometimes rage overcomes skills. Richeal drove his thigh directly onto Robin’s right ribs. Robin did try to stop it, but he was pushed to a wall and there’s very little he can do. Everyone in class knows better than to be the one who breaks up these two monsters. I knew Killa could, but he’s just waiting for somebody to be considerably injured so nobody is going to have any fighting spirit left so he wouldn’t have to write so many reports in the future.

I saw Robin headbutting Richeal, he did it with pleasure. I saw a smile on his face, I saw some of the people in class starting to take sides.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Sinclair grabbing a chair just next to where he sits and threw it in the middle of the fight. It crashed hard, the legs of the chair just barely missing Richeal’s face.

“Shut up both of you! Cammy and I are together!” Sinclair stood up and shouted. He was filled with bravado, maybe because he took up Aikido for 7 years now.

That was a brief fight, even for my school’s standards.

(End of part 3)
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