AweSeries: The List (part 2)

By: Epictas

The only thing wonderful about Wednesdays is when it’s over. I hate Wednesdays. Usually. But today was different, very much so in fact. I smell deviance coming.

I stepped in class and not so much to my surprise, Killa came runnning to me.

“Saim! Saim! did you hear?” He said excitedly.

“Gooooood morning, hear what? I just stepped in class! wait, why weren’t you here yesterday?” I said.

“Volleyball competition. Good morning to you bucko. You didn’t hear about it? The list man! the list!” Wow. the anticipation is killing me.

Of course, I questioned Killa about it. For somebody who didn’t came yesterday, he sure does know a lot. A lot more than I told, and I told him nothing.  Oh how I wait for those people whom I really told something.

So that recess, I went to Abraham’s table because he’s the easiest to talk to. On the outside he didn’t look so much in concern. My perception was just blown away when I actually talked to him. He told me he knew about the list quite long ago. He also told me that he knew the group of people who started the list personally.

“Liar!” I said to myself. I couldn’t believe he would lie for popularity. Makes sense to do that though because apparently he’s 11th, at least he could come up with an excuse like oh I asked the people to not put me so high in the list to remain a low profile. A humble little liar.

That’s exactly what he said to me. He was also interested in knowing where I stand in the list. Awkwardly, I said I didn’t know. I should’ve came up with that too. He told me he’d find out if I want to. I said, “sure. Thank you.”

I went over to Alif’s table. Amazing. He looked more dogmatic. He actually sounds more dogmatic. I didn’t even say anything and he came up to me and said, “Hello 14th. I finally figured out what you meant by calling me 7th yesterday!”

“WHAT?! I’m 14th? I must be worth at least half that figure!” Honestly, I was a little pissed, ranked 14th in an imaginary list.

“No, I’m worth that. 7th, remember?” he calmly explained.

Funny. I wasn’t expecting that blow considering I was the one who started the list. Well, I shouldn’t be upset. At least Alif is talking. That’s a good thing, I guess. His true character is shown. He’s the type that would consume everything around him and keep it to himself, rarely forgets, and usually, rarely forgives. It was just one day! How could somebody release his emotions so fast?

I wasn’t going to stay there long to remain surprised. Results are more peculiar than I thought. I wonder what’s in Sinclair’s head.

The rest of that whole day I went looking for Sinclair, the library, the teacher’s lounge, that small little space behind the stage in the hall where they keep the tennis rackets, and the smokes. I have no idea why nobody ever restrict access to that place. Probably the teachers go there too, I don’t know.

So there I was at almost the end of recess, staying at the gate accompanied with chatter with the prefects. Hence the worry-free option of coming late to class every day. I don’t come to school late every day per se, just most of the part of most schooling days. I know all the prefects here. They’re sort of my insurance policy.

“Riiiiiiiing!!” The school bell rang.

I really hate that high-pitched sound. Why can’t they just make an announcement like “Students get back to class!” or like one of those notification sounds in airports. Both are much more soothing to the ears.

Just before the time I intended to conclude the conversation, I saw a quite familiar figure emerging from the road that connects my school to Sapphire High that eventually leads to the big highway. I thought it was a mirage. It was a really hot day.

It was Sinclair! And it looked like he was coming from Sapphire…

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6 thoughts on “AweSeries: The List (part 2)

  1. if a random stranger asks me on who's my favourite author i would've answered roald dahl (he's great kan?) but now i would've included you in MY LIST as well. haha keep it comin.

  2. I never really liked these teen-based stories but I love the way this story unfolds! smooth, but engaging. Choice of words can be improved, though. Still a good read. Looking forward to more 😉

  3. I sense that Sapphire High would bring significance in the story, maybe soon :0 good writing! it makes us guess and anticipates. PART 3 where??? 😀

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