AweSeries: Project FiSuRe: The Xinotians (Part 3)

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 By: Qay

“Ouch!” Hawwa outcried and quickly pulled her hand.

“Oh my, I’m dreadfully sorry. I forgot, the strongest of you humans have about half of the strength of our weakest Xinotian” Rukka said with a concerned look on her face.

“Xinotian, is that what you call yourselves? So, I suppose this land is called Xinotia?” Haidar interrupted.

“No, friend. This whole planet we call Xinotia. We do not differentiate Xinotians.” Rukka explained.

“A planet without differentiation.. that means.. A whole planet without.. discrimination? How can that be?” Haidar with a puzzled look on his face.

Back when the Earth flourished with possible continuance of history, Haidar was one of the most outspoken and critical historian about how Earth is going to cave in under it’s own pressure of ignorance. Nobody trusted him.Wars kept on going, people were still divided, and worst, it all continued to just happen, as the media took complete control of the masses.

Now there is only the present, if they cannot save it, the history of mankind would end in a bitter note.

“Discrimination? Oh yes, the disease that destroyed Earth! I never understood that. Why does such a thing exist there?” As if the look that was once on Haidar’s face was transferred to Rukka.

“It’s more puzzling that it does not happen here.. Look at you Rukka, you’re too much stronger than me. I’m sure there are smarter people here than me or you. Don’t you have any sense of superiority and inferiority? Don’t you have leaders that you choose from the best amongst you?”

“We do, yes. Every civilization needs a leader. But a leader is accountable to it’s followers. If there is flaw, it is not on the leader’s side. Society is to blame. Society needs to change, the leaders would be changed accordingly. Here we can accept this. We choose leaders who are not hungry for power, but hungry to serve for the betterment of everyone” Rukka firmly uttered the words.

Haidar inquisited about how Xinotians with different languages, tone of skin, lifestyles, are seen in other Xinotia’s eyes. Rukka answered, “Simple. We see each other as each other, and each of us is one of everyone. We do not use our differences to compete, but to complete.”

Rukka went on to explain to everyone that gathered there that the Earthlings were friendly visitors that are in desperate need of help to find sustainable resources for their dying planet. Before she could finish her explanation, she was pulled to the crowd by one of the golden ager.

Rukka went back to be in the company of Commander Ayokunle and gave them three rules to follow.

“First, You are the visitors. We prefer not to harm you but please, we beg, no destruction of any part of Xinotia, no matter how insignificant you think your act may be.” Rukka then nodded her head down.

The whole team nodded in agreement.

“Second, we will assist you as long as we are capable to, provide sustenance and intelligence assistance for you and also everyone in your voyage, but you must not hide your agendas.”

Commander Ayokunle looked Rukka straight in the eyes, without a blink. the others seemed to be in vague acceptance of the term.

“Thirdly, do not sow any seeds of Earth’s diseases. We are most concerned of violence, intolerance, and hatred.”

All of them pretended to not know a thing about Earth’s diseases.

The whole team was invited to stay at Rukka’s home. Commander Ayokunle refused to welcome the handed hospitality as he was not convinced they were purely friendly creatures. He told Rukka that he had a duty to take care of the people inside the space transporter, by any means necessary. He was not ready to expose other Earthlings inside the space transporter to the Xinotians.

“Commander, I will take the risk and stay with them, there is still a lot of studying to do here with the plants. I believe they would not do us no harm” Hawwa outspoke.

“Yes, Commander, allow me to accompany her.” Said Chee Ping from the left side of Haidar.

“Fine, as you both wish. Make sure to be in full access communication with me at all times. I couldn’t care less where you will be. If I summon you, Make sure you are there to answer.” Commander Ayokunle said with a very commanding tone.

The crowd had dissipated after the explanation by Rukka as Rukka said that she would find a team that would assist the Earthlings in their endeavour.

Still with his gun on his hand, Commander Ayokunle and Haidar walked back to the massive space transporter slowly.

“I want all our weapons to be in full functionality within two hours. We gotta have some form of protection from these creatures…. just in case.” Captain Ayokunle spoke to Haidar in a quieted down emphasis.

(End of Part 3)
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  1. Hey Qayyum! My name’s Nora and I just want to say I’m a really big fan of your work. Your stories are the ones I’ve always loved to follow. Your english is impeccable and your imagination does wonders. Hope to be in contact with you one day!

  2. Shyt. I love how the story unravels πŸ™‚ Expecting the history of Commander Ayokunle in the next part πŸ˜€ African name eyh? The characters very ngam with the plot!!

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