AweSeries: Project FiSuRe (Part 1)

By: Qay

Since she was a little girl, Rukka has been widely fascinated by stars. She likes to drift away to the thought of if there is life out there, anything intelligent that can communicate to them. She wonders, she wonders all night long..

One day, Earth finally ran out of resources and the Space Program for Finding Sustainable Resources (Project FiSuRe) is finally fully implemented and humans were finally able to travel to space to try to make up for our greed and glut. Fortunately for the humans and unfortunately for them, they stumbled upon Rukka’s planet.

It was perfect, said the humans. The planet is about 9 billion years old, about two times older than Earth but there’s abundance in everything. Oil, flora, fauna, minerals, clean water, clean air, practically everything we have consumed. Better news, its almost twice the size of Earth.

“Wow! Humans won’t go extinct after all! We hit the jackpot, boys.” Said the head space explorer of Project FiSuRe.

They all cheered in the space transporter for hours and hours. Champagne bottles were popped, there was a feast among the crew, and of course, within an hour, everyone on Earth was talking about it. The news was all over the place. The whole of Earth cheered.

The next day, the humans decided to land  on the planet. It all went relatively smoothly. There was friction in the atmosphere, but they didn’t think much of it as Earth is finally saved.

Rukka was surprised to see a large solid body in space hovering just above her neighborhood.

The space transporter is awfully big. To make it simple, it’s sort of cylindrical with the front designed in oblong and in terms of size, it can fit three bungalows. The humans were trying to find a nice spot to land, maybe a dessert or the sea. They’re capable on landing on both terrain. To their despair, they couldn’t find any dessert so they tried to find a large body of liquid. From up above, they saw an enormous pool of water which is perfectly circular and were very happy about it.

They directly navigated towards that pool of water and with great speed, they finally landed.

With an irritating loud sound, the airtight doors opened upwards, the humans proudly got out of the space transporter. First to come out was Commander Ayokunle, then followed by his faithful fellow explorers, Chee Ping, Hawwa, and Haidar. these are only the ground explorers. There are more workforces inside the space transporter. It’s more of a small community of the most excellent of humans, just in case Project FiSuRe succumbs to failure.

The planet was extremely beautiful. Animals quite similar to Earth were jumping around here and there, spring of water bursts from the ground where the animals gather together to drink. The plants and animals here are significantly bigger than the ones used to exist on modern Earth.

Then, they turned their heads to the side, to their shock, there were a group of standing entities with slanted antennas on their heads, full and lavish hair . They were tall, taller than Commander Ayokunle who is the biggest man in Project FiSuRe. They looked almost human, only their skin are much more fair, it’s almost reflective. Their muscles were well articulated until the veins dilating and contracting can be seen clearly, their noses are embedded on their faces and their eyes were much much bigger than the humans. Other features were quite similar to the humans.

In awe, all the ground explorers were speechless seeing the far superior physique of the aliens. They can’t even move. Thinking that if they were predators, the humans are going to be extinct anyway.

They started to walk towards the humans, coordinated. It was a brisk walk, with no blink of their big eyes. the humans felt the ground shake.

“But sir! according to the satellite pictures, there aren’t suppose to be intelligent life forms here!” Said Chee Ping slowly to AyoKunle who already silently cocked his gun.

(End of part one)
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